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Aesthetic pruning is the pruning of a plant to enhance its character,
in a style natural to the plant within the parameter of the garden's design and in the context of the architecture around it.

Aesthetic pruning is a combination of a horticultural science and art.

A Certified Aesthetic Pruner has been recognized by the Aesthetic Pruners Association as a highly trained and professional practitioner in the field of aesthetic pruning.


The art of the focal point in pruning/design planning is to direct the eye towards what is good and to draw attention away from what is not.

I will prune to create a focal point or to enhance one in your garden.


I will work with you to create the optimal place for your trees and their aesthetic in your landscape. I know what will or will not work horticulturally and also what other possible options would be available to you, including specific plant and tree selection and placement.

I know how to restore and preserve your garden, create a focal point, or prune to soften your architecture or to frame your view.

I am available to educate and/or train you regarding pruning and/or long-term care of your plants and trees.

I also offer one-time garden appraisals and walk-throughs to discuss your garden issues if that is your preference.

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I am an active member of the Merritt College Pruning Club. The club is a group of pruners, from beginners to experienced professionals, who meet monthly to teach and learn and share information on pruning. We volunteer our services to public gardens that need extra attention. Anyone is welcome to attend the events.

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Pete Churgel ISA Certified Arborist #WE-6700A