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A Homily on the CCG

Discussion Topics for
"Why We Need a
Conservative Forum for Unitarian Universalists (CFUU)"

A workshop held at the 2005
SouthWest Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute (SWUUSI)

Although the workshop title refers to the CFUU, the CFUU is primarily an Internet presence. At the Bay Area UU Church (BAUUC), we have a Conservative Covenant Group (CCG) which holds monthly face-to-face meetings, and which served as a model for this workshop. The workshop consisted primarily of group discussion.

Here is some background information on the CFUU and the Bay Area UU Church's (BAUUC) Conservative Covenant Group (CCG):

CFUU website

CFUU Forum

Update (5-28-2012): CFUU on Facebook


CCG Covenant

The CCG contributed a short presentation (homily) to a BAUUC service on covenant groups. (Largely adapted from our FAQ.)

Here are some essays we read at least excerpts from:

"The Present Moment: The Crisis in the Political Theology of Liberal Religion," by (UU) Rev. Tom Schade

"Skytalides Basket," by (UU) Rev. Eric Johnson (Lt. JG, USN)

"When a Majority Feels Persecuted," by yours truly

Here are some essays we talked about but did not necessarily read:

"Why Unitarian Universalism is Dying," by (UU) Rev. Davidson Loehr

"Ideology and Sustainability," (Ideological tribalism, ie. What does abortion have to do with nuclear power?) by John McCarthy (the Stanford computer scientist)

"All Ends of the Spectrum," by Jerry Pournelle (criticizing the left-right spectrum as a bad model)

Steven Den Beste on the inadequacy of the left-right spectrum

My "conservation of irrationality" argument is in the postscript of this "Polyatheism" sermon

I discuss credence goods and churches as "clubs" under economic theory in "Is Rational Religion Possible?"

I discuss Progressivism as a pseudo-religion in "The Care and Feeding of Scapegoats".


"Thinking of Jackasses," by Marc Cooper, contributing editor of The Nation (book review on George Lakoff, et al)

Here are some additional essays I recommend:

"Notes on Nationalism," by George Orwell (click on "nationalism" on the left). See also "Politics and the English Language."

Steven Den Beste on the current war as a three-player game

Porphyrogenitus discusses the Battle of Manzikurt (Byzantium vs. Seljuk Turks) as a scary historical analogy for the red state vs. blue state conflict. [Link rot. Try this one. My comments here.]

Haim Harari with an Israeli view of the terrorism problem

Steven Den Beste has a strategic overview of the current war:
HTML version
PDF version

Richard Fernandez has "Three Conjectures" on the likely consequences if terrorists aquire nuclear weapons.

Lee Harris, Marx Without the Realism: The intellectual roots of America-bashing

Eric S. Raymond's essay on "Gramscian Damage" (anti-Americanism as warmed-over Soviet propaganda)

The subject of libertarianism came up in the context of being a subset of "conservatism."

"Neolibertarian" QandO blog.
I have an article on the spoiler problem in third party politics in Issue #2 of "The New Libertarian," which is a free download from the QandO site. (Here's a newer version.) Jon Henke's "neolibertarianism" has been described as "libertarianism mixed with sanity."

My version of libertarianism: "The Dog Ate my Manifesto"  


Addendum, 5-28-2012: The BAUUC CCG is very interested in the work of Jonathan Haidt, University of Virginia psychologist and author of The Happiness Hypothesis and The Righteous Mind.

University of Toronto clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson is also worth a listen. He has a podcast and a lot of lectures on YouTube. This is a good one. I also like the Maps of Meaning lectures, especially 6, 7, and 11. Note also the ones on free speech and group-fostered beliefs.

Addendum, 7-22-2012: I was asked for names and links to some of the books and articles the BAUUC CCG has been talking about, or talking about talking about, recently.


Update, 12-21-2014:

Why do we call ourselves "Conservative" when no one really likes that name? An excerpt from an email exchange on some proposed name changes.  


BAUUC Conservative Covenant Group FAQ
Peter Taylor's stuff
A Homily on the CCG