Paul E. Schippnick

Things I like to do....
. Personal Bible study. And talking to people about what they believe.

. Programming for both work and play. For work, as a CNC Machinist. For play, the TI-99/4A computer.

I'm interested in personal Bible study because I am a professing christian. And I am interested in what other people believe, because I care, and I would like them to know what it is that I believe about God and His Anointed (i.e. Christ) as both Creator of the universe and savior of men.

I work as a CNC machinist. Principally programming computerized milling machines. My interest in programming the TI-99/4A extends to writing applications that I also use at work. But on programmable calculators (TI-85, TI-86) for estimating metal removel rates and such.

I am glad you came to my web page. If you have any questions about what I believe as a christian. Or are interested in the TI-99/4, TI-99/4A home computers. Programming TI calculators, TI-85 or TI-86. Feel free to ask.




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