"Dynamic1". Bernard Perroud

Bernard Perroud   Sculptor


Sculpture set on virtual landscape.

inner peace. Bernard Perroud outer peace. Bernard Perroud
"Inner Peace"
dimensions: 11.5"x11.5"x2.5".
Dirt, paint on particle board.
"Outer Peace"
dimensions: 11.5"x11.5"x1"
Dirt, paint on particle board.

3%. Bernard Perroud
max. dimension:18". Cardboard, paper, dirts, paint.

Would you like to see a little animation I did together with my wife? 
"Flying Woman". (3 MB)
You will need to have Quicktime installed.
flying woman. Bernard Perroud

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Artist's statement
Art in Nature Event 2001 The Arts Center at Kingdom Falls, OAH
Escondido Phoenix 1999 Malibu Sculpture Event
Reflections on Art in Nature - published in Nouvel Objet
FundsXpress Sculpture - Corporate Client
Flying Woman (animation)

For custom-designed sculptures, art in nature projects, price lists of completed sculptures,
or to send you comments (welcomed!), e-mail Bernard Perroud at perroudburns@earthlink.net

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