"Dynamic1". Bernard Perroud

Bernard Perroud   Sculptor

Resume/Curriculum vitae
Sculptor and Painter, born 1950 in Milan, Italy

Art in Nature

2003-2004 Moisture 2.  Team assembled by coordinator/artist Claude Willey .As a revolving collective of artists and researchers the Moisture Project has been developing over the last  three years into an annual research program centered around Harper Dry Lake, near Hinkley, California. Moisture (Phase Two) involves the construction of  location-sensitive structures for the collection, retention, and use/re-use of water. These structures, created by selected visual artists, serve as functional  sculptural objects, installed in relation to the ground, and the hydraulic matrix of the region. Hinkley,  CA Webpresence hosted by the Greenmuseum"Moisture",The Leonardo Gallery, Leonardo, vol 37, Number 5, 2004, MIT Press.

2002 Moisture 1.  Hinkley, California. Initiated by Claude Willey. Moisture (Phase One) was created to allow artists tocome together and explore the conditions of desiccation in the Mojave1s Harper Basin. Building dew-collectors, artificial aquifers, and shaded microclimates, the functional land art became a permanent addition to the landscape around the CLUI1s Desert Research Station. 

2002 Hommage to White 2002. Trail Markers 2 Lower Arroyo Park, City of Pasadena, California. Art in Nature Event.Curated by Richard Amromin.

2001 "OAH", Arts Center at Kingdom Falls, Liberty, Maine. Initiator and Co-curator with Alan Crichton. 9 artists create site-specific art installations and performances on the grounds of this recently resurrected artists' retreat and learning center.

2001 <NO> Nouvel Objet. Featured artist in the yearly publication's 6th issue. This issue centers on the Art in Nature movement and features my essay, "Reflections on Art in Nature". Design House Publications. Seoul, Korea.

1999 Escondido Phoenix 1999, an exploration of art and nature. Initiator. 10 artists created site-specific art installations in Escondido Canyon, Malibu, California. Articles:  Sculpture magazine, Oct. 1999. Malibu Times, June17, 1999.

1991 Artac '91 "Rencontre Internationale d'Artistes". 15 internationally selected sculptors invited  to create art with natural materials in Montagagne-Ariege, France.  A2 TV France, France Culture. La Dépeche du Midi, Aug 18, l991.


2004  "Marcador". Sculpture marking cadastre points. Jorge Ponce Architects.  San Felipe, Baha California. Mexico.

2000  "FXLN". Exterior sculpture for FundsXPress Corporate Headquarters. Austin, Texas

1997  Fountain in the gardens of the Michael Stenger Home. Venice, California.

1990  Wall sculpture for the Public Hall of Hachenburg, together with ceramist  Achim  Reineck. Germany.

1990  2 murals for the lobby of U. Pfeiffer Surveyors Bureau . Hachenburg, Germany.

1989  3 murals for lobby of H. Pfeiffer Civil Engineering Bureau. Hachenburg, Germany.

1984  5 murals for the Community Center for the Disabled of Steckenstein, Germany.

1980  Pocket Park/Plaza. Redesign and construction of a plaza including children's playscape and multi-use  amphitheater for the town of Tlapa, Mexico. Commissioned by the State of Guerrero, Mexico.

Design Team Projects

2003/4 Blue Tanks. Design for sculptural water tanks  for El Dorado Ranch Community. Jorge Ponze Architects. San Felipe, Baja California. Mexico. 

1995  Refurbishment plan for the Calzada de los Misterios (Villa de Guadalupe, Mexico  City). In collaboration with architects Jaime Rivera, Manuel Becerra and Jorge Ponce.

1995  Refurbishment project for El Arbolillo (Mexico City). Regulation of lagoon, water  treatment and recreational areas with promenade and gazebo.In collaboration
 with architects Jaime Rivera, Manuel Becerra and Jorge Ponce.

1995 Design of two sculpture spaces in the land reclamation project of the Santa Catarina  Volcanoes in Mexico City with environmental  architect Jorge Ponce.

1994 Puebla Freeway Enhancement Project (Puebla, Mexico). Design of three large-scale  sculptures for freeway islands and collaboration on overall design concept with  architect  Manuel Becerra. Angelopolis Urban Renewal Project.

1994 Interior design of the reception area and offices for Multivision. Mexico City. In  collaboration with architect Manuel Becerra.

1994 Wall sculpture for the Industrie Ministerium, Mainz, Germany. In collaboration with  designer Günter Matten.

1992 Sculpted partition wall for the lobby of the Kommerzbank. Vienna, Austria. In  collaboration with designer Günter Matten.

Selected Exhibitions

- "Origin > Head > Vehicles". One-man show. 1017 Elkgrove. Venice, California
- "Moisture 66xv//". gardenLab Experiment. Art Center for Design. Pasadena, California.
- "2001: an exotic odyssey", Exotic Art Invitational. Alwun House. Phoenix, Arizona.
- "erotica.part 1". Consortium Gallery. Venice, California.
- "Exotic Art Invitational". Alwun House. Phoenix, Arizona.  The Rep, 2/12/00.
-  Quartek Gallery. Venice, California.
- "Exotic Art Invitational". Alwun House. Phoenix, Arizona.
- "Art-O-Mobilia". West Valley Art Museum. Phoenix, Arizona.
- "Art Walk". The Brewery. Los Angeles, California.
- "Arizona Aqueous". Tubac Center for the Arts. Tubac, Arizona.
- "Left, Right & Center". Orange Co. Ctr for Contemporary Art. Santa Ana, California.
- "Icarus:  Experiments in Flight". Glenn Eureís Ghost Fleet Gallery. Nags Head, NC
- "Immigrant Isle". Corridor Gallery of Art. Hollywood, California. LA Weekly Pick of the Week.
- Kunst Kabinett Rolph Hansen. Summer Exhibition. Cologne.
- Art im Port. Cologne, Germany
- Golf Club. Bad Hersfeld, Germany
- La Forge. Installation. Paris.
- Ingelbach, Germany. One-man show.
- "Kommt alle herbei zur Runde drei". Studio exhib. One-man show.
- "Der Sonne entgegen". Studio exhib. One-man show
- Kunst Kabinett Rolph Hansen. Summer Exhibition. Cologne.
- XAC Multicult Exhibits. Rumpenheim. Frankfurt.
- "Der Sommer soll Kunstvoll Sein". Kunst Kabinett Rolph Hansen. Cologne. One-man show.
- "Hier fängt alles an!". Studio exhib. One-man show.
- Kulturfabrik. Koblenz, Germany. One-man show.
- Etora, Lanzarote, Canary Islands. Participation in the International Forum Eros-Love-Sexus with exhibition of drawings. One-man show.
- "Contrapunkt Maler/Fotograf" (Perroud/Rusch). Galerie Bel Etage. Dusseldorf, Germany. One-man show.
- "Viele Küße von Bernard Perroud".Clou Galerie. Hachenburg, Germany. One-man show.
- Galerie Isaac Ambris. Valle de Bravo, Mexico. One-man show.
- Galerie Bel Etage. Dusseldorf.
- Galerie Bel Etage. Dusseldorf.
- "Kreativ 85".  Altenkirchen, Germany.
- Chapel of Sancta Maria de Olivo . Beaulieu s/Mer, France. One-man show.
- Grand Prix International d'Art Contemporain. Monaco.

  Arch. Jorge Ponce, Mexico.
  Michel Napoli. Paris, France.
  Dr. G. Muraour. Nice, France.
  Lic. Victor Gayol, Mexico, DF.
  Dr. H. J. Weber, Hachenburg, Germany.

Selected Publications
- Artac '91 Montagagne. 8 pages in the catalog of the "Rencontre".
- 3 pages drawings in "Mein Heimliches Auge" VII. Claudia Gehrke Verlag. Tubingen.
- Kunstmagazin APEX 9/90. Düsseldorf, Germany.
- 2 pages of painting and sculpture in the book "Eros ist Frei" by Rolf Hansen.
- Repro of painting in "Mein Heimliches Auge IV". Claudia Gehrke Verlag. Tübingen.
- Reproduction of a painting in the magazine "Zoulou". Paris.
- Reproduction of a painting in the newspaper "Marseillaise" accompaying the text "Mon pays colere sourde" by Daniel Biga.
- Text published in the magazine "Cosmose". France.
- Image/Texte published in "Les Texticules du Hasard" by Paul  Quere. main 10.

Articles about my work published in Sculpture Magazine, Rheinzeitung and in Rheinische Post.


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Artist's statement
Moisture 2 -  2003-4 Hinkley, California
Moisture 66xv// - gardenLab Experiment 2004 Pasadena, California
Moisture 1 -  2002 Hinkley, California
Hommage to White 2002 Trail Markers 2 Lower Arroyo Park, Pasadena
Art in Nature Event 2001 The Arts Center at Kingdom Falls, OAH
Escondido Phoenix 1999 Malibu Sculpture Event
Reflections on Art in Nature - published in Nouvel Objet
FundsXpress Sculpture - Corporate Client

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