"Dynamic1". Bernard Perroud

Bernard Perroud   Sculptor

Bernard Perroud, together with Alan Crichton, in July 2001, organized the Art in Nature event at the Arts Center at Kingdom Falls, Montville, Maine. 10 artists created site specific art installations and gave environmental concerts. He is looking forward to organizing and participating in more events of this kind, exploring other natural environments.
OAH by Bernard Perroud 2001 Photo by Greg Morley

 "OAH". A circular clearing in the forest of Kingdom Falls, centered around an oak, enticed Bernard Perroud, by its surprisingly regular geometry, to further his exploration of universal themes.The oak embodied naturally the Zenith/Nadir axis. A round earthmound, an anthill, together with the oak, provided a horizontal axis that he completed with two circular hollows containing respectively water and fire. Behind, a bench beckoned one to sit down a while. The visitor then had to make a choice. He could, lured by marigolds, take a path leading him nowhere. Or choose another one, the correct one, which through a womb-like dark spot led to the next art installation. 

earth.  Photo by Bernard Perroud
water. Photo by Bernard Perroud
fire. Photo by Bernard Perroud
dark spot. Still by Laura Burns the path leading nowhere. Still by Laura Burns
Bernard at the "dark spot".
Bernard at "the path leading nowhere".


If you would like to organize an art in nature event, 
contact Bernard at perroudburns@earthlink.net



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For custom-designed sculptures, art in nature projects, price lists of completed sculptures,
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