Moisture 1
Hinkley, California
October 2002

During the final weekends of October 2002 a collective of artists, researchers,and alternative energy aficionados met in the Mojave Desert to experiment with structures, concepts, and strategies used in the effort of collecting water within our arid regions. Locating themselves within the town of Hinkley, most known for its connection to Erin Brockovich and its contaminated groundwater, the participants built simple water-harvesting works in the hopes of realizing projects that took months to conceptualize and develop.

Assembled by coordinator/artist Claude Willey, the team constructed simple dry wells, artificial aquifers, qanats, simulated wadis, mechanical dew collectors, temporary showers and soil shading. Though few involved had had any experience working in such a manner, the art/science connections within this event should provide interesting results whether measurable or not. Participants included Kahty Chenoweth, Adam Belt, Deena Capparelli, Mark Tsang, Peter Fend, Susan Barnet and Bernard Perroud. 

Moisture 2, scheduled for October 2003, is now well underway and is in the middle stages of planning. Look for an update at

Desert Shade. by Bernard Perroud
Desert Shade by Bernard Perroud
"Since quite a few years I have been wondering if providing shade in the desert would slow down the evaporation from the soil which is one of the principal causes of desertification. I have these yards of a green 50% transparent material. I'm planning to cover an area with it, stretching it parallel to the ground at about 2 or 3 feet above it. I divided the ground below into 16 squares, covering each with different densities of rocks to see what the effect would be on plant growth.

"I am checking the area from time to time, noting animal traces and lairs, state of vegetation etc... Plants do seem to flourish slightly better under the shade, in particular where there is the most rock cover." --Bernard Perroud

Glass Condenser by Bernard Perroud
Fake Ginger by Bernard Perroud
Dew collectors: 
- Fake Ginger. I've noticed dew on the leaves of a ginger plant and reproduced it as a dew collector. The stem is a metal pipe connected to a small glass tube  set underground, the leaves (metal sheet and styrofoam) act as a funnel.
- The Glass condenser is in fact a X-Mas tree ornament shut with a cork. I hope that the difference of temperature will condensate the trapped air.


The Center for Land Use and Management (CLUI) hosted this event at its Desert Research Center in Hinkley, California.

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