"Dynamic1". Bernard Perroud

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in land. Sculpture set on virtual landscape. Bernard Perroud
  To me nature's landscapes have the oneiric magic of the mythical beginnings of humanity.  When I walk through them I strip off my culture, my education and civilized habits. 

"in Land"
Sculpture set on virtual landscape.
Cardboard, paper, dirts, paint.

A hollow in the ground, the shade of a tree with its comfortable roots, a cave, a stone jutting out, a hollow tree. All these places that animals seek out to protect themselves from the environment, these places attract us human beings much the same.
"Bountiful". Bernard Perroud "Bountiful"
Willow branches, earth and water.
Escondido Phoenix '99


  I erect, I set a stone vertically. I plant a stock, a trunk, pointing straight at the sky. Erecting as a volitional action, I prove myself opposed to animal: a man.

Virtual sculpture set in a virtual landscape.



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