Escondido Phoenix1999
an exploration of art and nature in Escondido Canyon in Malibu

There is the Escondido Phoenix Retreat (now Malibu Phoenix Retreat) in a secluded Malibu Canyon that wants to live on.
On the other side, the artist Bernard Perroud was in search of a place where he and other artists could initiate a dialogue with nature.
They came together and the Escondido Phoenix Retreat invited the artists and offered its land to their inspiration.
The surroundings and the spirit of this meeting didn't allow a restricted theme, rather the idea was to mediate a transitory impression in a remarkable landscape.
The event culminated in the weekend of June 18-20 when the canyon opened its gates to the public.

Initiated by Bernard Perroud
Curated by Patricia Watts

"Untitled" by David McDonald "Bountiful" by Bernard Perroud
"Untitled" by David McDonald "Bountiful" by Bernard Perroud
Photo by Shubroto Chattopadhyay


Angie Bray
David McDonald
Michael McMillen
Bernard Perroud
Lothar Schmitz
Barbara Smith (performance)
Jim Sullivan
Beth Abels
Sylvia Tidwell
Daniel Wheeler

Performance artist Barbara Smith guided visitors along the path.

Barbara Smith guiding visitors
Out of the crystalline light dimension 

a spirit guide descends

carrying the image of human aspirations 
and our connection to the natural world.

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Barbara Smith welcoming visitors


Artists' Residency, June 7-17, 1999
Opening Reception June 18th, Fri. at 7 pm
    Improvisation by "The Unindicted Co-conspirators" of Improv Underground
    Music by the musicians of no name
Grounds were open to the public June 18th - 20th from 8 am till dusk
Drumming ceremony at 7 pm Saturday, June 19th

This exhibition was made possible by Manfred Menz, Fred Pierson of the
Friends of Phoenix, inc., Irwin Lachman of Escondido Retreat and
A&B Plumbing & Hardware, Malibu.


  Bernard Perroud
  Malibu Phoenix Retreat
  Daniel Wheeler

If you would like to organize an art in nature event, 
contact Bernard at

Contact information:
Bernard Perroud
310 392-5079
Patricia Watts, curator
Fred Pierson
Escondido Phoenix Ranch
Malibu, CA  310.457.5119
Sylvia Tidwell
Barbara Smith
Angie Bray
Lothar Schmitz
Daniel Wheeler
David McDonald

Tour the artworks in the canyon

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