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Richard Weekley was born in Grand Junction, Colorado in 1945. 100 Doors is his seventh volume of poetry. The Literary Review, The MacGuffin, The Midwest Quarterly, Poetry LA, Queens Quarterly, Wisconsin Review, West Coast Review, Bitterroot, CQ, Crosscurrents, Pudding are a few of the North American journals that have published his poetry. He was the Co-founder, Co-editor of Vol No. Magazine. He is listed in A Directory of American Poets and Writers complied by Poets & Writers, Inc. and the winner of various prizes including Black Bear Publications International Chapbook Competition. He is listed online with He has performed as a visiting artist at Mount Saint Mary's College and California Institute of the Arts as well as for many coffee houses and literary groups including the Laguna Poets and the Iguana. Richard Stafford said of his poetry, "made me feel like a sturdy traveler, encountering whatever came toward me on an alert trip." Weekley resides with his family in Santa Clarita, California. 

The night arrives

and rains on
seconds that exit
the moment

all this delicious-
ness and no
moon to speak

the wave of
old knick-knack
knocking on the

your hand,
I remember holding

on a bluff
over water that
had no name

when we jumped
the land was

and when we
laughed it was

the universe spreads
we ride on.

2004 Richard Weekley

I was 10 

It was Colorado
on an ordinary

and I was
waiting for my
whole life to

I didn't anticipate
Vietnam or love
or blurred tie-dyed

I was 10
and the Colorado
sunshine was pancake

I was 
waiting for my
life to reveal

How could I
have known of
Buddha or betrayal
there beneath the shade
of peach trees

How could I
have known the goodbyes
I'd waved
would never end

I was 10
in Colorado sunshine
on an ordinary
Tuesday waiting for 
my life to 

the weather of
Tao and deserts
waiting for a 

five decades of Junes
to tell me
all they knew

Excerpt from "I was 10"
2004 Richard Weekley

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