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Nancy Shiffrin

There is a Mexican saying, 'De medico, poeta y loco/todos tenemos un poco.'  We all have a bit of doctor, poet, madman -- or woman -- in us.  Nancy Shiffrin takes all three roles ... She stirs us with powerful sounds and images...(She is) self-actualized, a master of detail."  Barbara Lombardo, On The Bus, Los Angeles, California. 

Shiffrin’s current books are THE HOLY LETTERS (poems) and MY JEWISH NAME (essays),  Her work has been published in the Los Angeles Times, The Canadian Jewish Outlook, Religion and Literature, Humanistic Judaism, New York Quarterly, earths daughters, and numerous other periodicals. Through CREATIVE WRITING SERVICES  A Literary Arts Consultancy Shiffrin helps aspiring writers achieve publication and personal satisfaction.

         A MIRACLE

not the window itself 
         golden circle radiating  ruby  sapphire  emerald
but its precise duplication on the wall adjacent
         the light  waving  bending  its mystery suggested
                  a second time  in a quilted sunburst over the altar
the shimmer in the air  the Woman  chest rising
         as she offers  her weaving  deep purple the woof  the warp
                  green for the earth she loves

the shine on our cheeks for the Child
         still teasing tides  churned down into the bright foaming
as if sun pouring through dark waters 
         the Woman's arms  the jewelled panels etched in concrete
                  had opened  embraced us
as if the Architect knew
         how we might breathe here

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© 2003 Nancy Shiffrin

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