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Born in New York, Annie Reiner resides in Los Angeles, where she has been writing poetry for twenty five years. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies including From Daughters And Sons To Fathers (ed. Constance Warloe, Story Line Press, 2001), The California Quarterly, Vol No. and The New Los Angeles Poets (Bombshelter Press, LA, 1990). The title poem of her book, The Naked I, was a winner in the 1992 Los Angeles Poetry Festival. Ms. Reiner is the author of a book of short stories entitled This Nervous Breakdown Is Driving Me Crazy (1996), and her first dramatic work, entitled Mirage Š Trois, was produced at the Santa Monica Playhouse in 1999. Her most recent play, The Family Gold, ran for six weeks last summer in Chicago. Beyond Rhyme And Reason is her third book of poems.


We touch beyond the skin
in the collapse of time
where we are music,
where we speak gently
and words above us kiss,
sending shivers through our minds.

Every real lover is a genius.
Genius is madness
without fear,
while knowing
there is much to fear.

from Beyond Rhyme & Reason 


The Soul

Itís a huge party
where the music plays silently.
Everybody wears a hat.
Everybodyís hats have feathers.
Everybody exchanges feathers
and dreams pass back and forth.
Thoughts ripple
in an ocean of wine
where mind is the absence of mind.
The living and the dead mingle
as equals.
Those who are absent are loved,
making them 
When the dance begins
a storm of plumes
blows around the room.
Everybody is blind.
Everybody suddenly smiles
as each feather settles back
in its original hat.

from Mind Your Head



Nothing is more


than this poem
and this poem


no longer important

from The Naked I

© 2005 Annie Reiner


Annie Reiner is a poet, and a fine poet at that.
--Maya Angelou

Reiner has a richly comic imagination and brings a refreshingly light touch to matters of metaphysical and emotional confusion. 
--Publisher's Weekly

If Freud, Pirandello and Groucho Marx sat down to write a play together, this would be it.
--Mel Brooks

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