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For the most part most of my puppy owners are above board and great cocker lovers who spend a great deal of time training and loving there cockers,  but It is unforutante that I have had expereinces that have caused me to have to have a contract that spells out exactly what I expect from my puppy buyers when getting one of my puppies.
Yes!, I have high expectations, these puppies are more then just a dog too me, and I hope your new puppy will be more then just a dog to you.  If you think you can fullfill the contract without hesitiation then please do contact me about purcahsing one of my special puppies.




Gail Workman of GG Iron Water performance cockers


Sale of cocker puppy to________________________________ for the amount of $___________


A puppy contract is important to protect both the buyer and the breeder, but mostly to insure that the puppy will be well cared for, loved, living in a loving home environment the way the breeder intended.


Gail Workman is very passionate about her breeding program giving lots of care, exercise, training, socializing, love and dedication to raising happy healthy puppies.  Your puppy was whelped and raised in side the home with great care and love.  Gail workman expects that your new puppy when going to it’s new home will also be raised in the home and have adequate training and socialization.



American cockers are an active breed, while they are small enough to be a lap dog they do require a good amount of exercise and training in order to be a well rounded pet.  While they can be left in a crate in the home while you are away for short periods they do not do well left in an outdoor kennel run.  American cockers need to be with their people and be part of the human pack family in the home. 


American cockers are the smallest of the sporting group bred to quarter in the field staying close enough to be in gun range to find, flush and retrieve.  If you do not plan for your pup to be a companion hunter then you need to provide other training and exercise such as regular hiking, walking,  dog sport such as obedience, Rally or agility.  Gail Workman sales her pups only to homes that will show in at least 1 AKC dog sport to earn at least a novice title in  Hunting,  Rally, Obedience, tracking or agility. This will insure your training and bonding to help you to have a healthy happy cocker and a life time bonding relationship. 



You are expected to  keep in touch with Gail Workman keeping good communication about your puppy’s health, temperament and training abilities through out the dog’s life.  This helps Gail for her future breeding program.  Gail enjoys receiving pictures and is available when ever you need advice on your puppies care and training.


As breeder Gail Workman reserves the right to a home visit to make sure the puppy/dog is well cared for and in a good inviroment..


Should you ever decide you need to give up your dog Gail Workman will be notified first and will either take the dog back and/or help you place it in a new home.


You cannot Sale your dog without notifying Gail workman this contract will need to be signed by new owner.


Gail Workman reserves the right as breeder to remain as co-owner, you

X______________________________will be the owner in all aspects and you are responsible for all care and veterinary bills occurred.  Gail workman will only be there when and if anything is needed should something happen that the dog would need to be rehomed.


Should you decide to breed your dog you MUST have all health checks done on eye’s, hips, knees, elbows, thyroid  if all health checks out good I recommend not breeding until the age of 3 years. 

Do a through check on the Dam/sire  and a pedigree search to make sure you do not breed to close to a related dog in the 5 generation pedigree.  The dog you intend to breed MUST also have all heath checks and be at least 3 years old.


If you are not going to breed your dog it is best to have them neutered/spayed by the age of 2 years.













While my goal is to breed for low coat volume, your pup will still have enough coat to protect it in the field.  If you want to keep that beautiful hair it does require weekly brushing, bathing every 2 weeks,  and once a month a professional groom hopefully by a knowledgeable groomer who can perform a proper field or show groom. 


If you don’t want the up keep of the coat, you can have your dog groomed into a short puppy cut, this still requires brushing, bathing and a once a month visit to a groomer, but will be an easier up keep and still pleasing to the eye.  You can also learn to groom your dog yourself.






Your puppy was transferred to you healthy happy and well socialized.


Your puppy must be seen by your veterinarian with in 72 hours of purchase.  With in that 72 hours if any health issues are found Gail workman will take the puppy back and return it after it has been treated and back to good health.


Your puppy is guaranteed against genetic defects that may be fatal to your puppy’s health.  Gail Workman reserves the right of a second opinion with a veterinarian of her choice.  If it is proved by at least 2 veterinarians that your puppy has a seriously health problem caused by genetics your puppy will be replaced with another puppy.


Your puppy is NOT guaranteed against preventable diseases, NOR is your puppy guaranteed against disease caused by environment or improper diet.


It is important to make sure your puppy through out it’s life remain on a good healthy diet, always have fresh clean water, get plenty of exercise and be seen by your veterinarian at least once a year keeping up to date on recommended vaccinations and preventives required for the area you live in.

It is recommended that you keep a file on your puppies veterinarian care, vaccinations and keep a good health record.


Gail Workman will not ship puppies, Gail wishes to meet you in person face to face.  Gail Workman WILL  make sure puppy has vaccinations and a health certificate for travel under seat.


In signing this contract you agree to all of the above from pages 1 - 4


Gail Workman X_______________________________________________  435-592-5487


Puppy buyer

X____________________________________Phone #_______________

E-mail address______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

Home address:________________________________________________