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Ancestors and Descendants of: 
Jose Maria PEREZ and Antonia NAVARRO

                                                                    Joseph Anto. PEREZ Nicolas CARVAJAL
                                                                    m. Paula GRANADO m. Catrina MARTINEZ
                                                                                                    \                             /
                                                                            Santiago Domingo PEREZ            /
                                                                                        m. Concepcion CARVAJAL
                 Angel NAVARRO                                   Jose SERVANTES      /
                m. Maria Josefa RUIZ y Pena                                 m. Barbara PEREZ
                                            \                                                                               /
b.30 Sept 1784,SA.TX                                                 b. 8 Dec 1791 d.30 Jan 1830?      
bapt. 9 Oct 1784                                                                                                                    
m2.  Maria Juana RAMIRES, m., 9 Jan 1831                                                                    
(Dau. of : Jose Maria RAMIRES and Dona Josefa de la GARZA)                                    
d. 13 June 1836                                                                                                                    

Jose de los Angeles (Angel II) NAVARRO, b. 1 Oct 1784, SA. TX
m1.Maria Concepcion CERVANTES, b. 8 Dec 1791
            1. Nepomunceno NAVARRO, b. 1811
                m. Maria de Jesus URON, b.@ 1817-1821
                                1. Juan NAVARRO, b. @ 1837
                                    m. Mariana Cadana, b. 16 July 1843
                                                    1. Antonia NAVARRO, b. 30 Nov 1870
                                                        m. Jose Maria PEREZ, b. 19 March 1860

                                                                        1. Edwardo Navarro PEREZ, b. 13 Oct 1887
                                                                        2. Jose Navarro PEREZ, b. 22 May 1889
                                                                        3. Ignacio Navarro PEREZ, b. 12 Oct 1890
                                                                        4. Celestino Navarro PEREZ, b. 6 April 1892
                                                                        5. Mariana "Mare" PEREZ, b. 25 March 1895
                                                                        6. Teodoro Navarro PEREZ, b. 2 July 1902
                                                                        7. Antonia "Toni" PEREZ, b. 31 Oct 1904
                                                                        8. Ernesto Navarro PEREZ, b. 11 Dec 1906
                                                                        9. Celia PEREZ, b. 25 June 1909
                                                                        10. Angelo Navarro PEREZ, b. 31 May 1912

2. Cayetano NAVARRO, b.@1872 d. 11 May 1939

            2. Nicolas NAVARRO
            3. Maria Juana NAVARRO bapt.28 Dec 1812, d.1888
                m1. 1830, Alejo PEREZ, d:1833?
                                1. Encarnacion PEREZ (died in infancy)
                                2. Alejo PEREZ, II. b: 1834
                                    m1.1853, Antonia RODRIGUEZ
                                                    1.Alejo PEREZ,III (1863-1943)
                                                        m. Mary HUNTRESS(1862-1949)
                                                    2. Corina PEREZ, b.1855
                                                    3. Lucia PEREZ, b.1857
                                                    4. Uvaldo PEREZ, b.1860
                                                        m2. 18 Mar 1916, Florencia VALDES
                m2. Jan 1836, Alexander ALSBURY, d: 1842
                m3. Juan Manuel PEREZ (cousin to 1st husband)
            4. Maria Petra NAVARRO, b.1814
                m1. Alejo PEREZ
            5. Maria Gertrudes "Tules" NAVARRO, b.1816, d. 1895
                m. 26 July 1841, Juan Miguel CANTU, b. 26 July 1811
                                1. Francisco Lisandro CANTU, b 21 Apr 1842
                                2. Angela CANTU, b. 1843
                                3. Catarina CANTU, b. 1844
                                4. Miguel Alvino CANTU, b.15 Dec1846
                                5. Miguel Ylario de Jesus CANTU, b. 14 Jan 1849
                                6. Santa Antonio CANTU, b. 26 June 1851
                                7. Jesus CANTU
                                8. Faustino CANTU
                                9. Ubaldo CANTU
        ?6. Maria del Carmel SERVANTES, b. 1820
m2. Maria Juana RAMIRES
           7. Jose de los Angeles Narciso NAVARRO, b. 31 Oct 1832
           8. Federico NAVARRO

Ref. With The Makers of San Antonio, Chabot, pp. 94-97, Perez, also ancesters back to Mateo Perez who d. 1749



        Angel (II) was born on 30 Sept 1784 and is often referred to as the oldest which is true. But, he did have a brother born prior to him in 1783, that died in infancy.

        His brother, Jose Antonio, (b. 1795) stated in a short, two page autobiography written about 1841, that while his father lived the family was maintained in decency by the money obtained by commerce, but that after Don Angel's death (in 1808) the widow and children experienced difficult times. With the children's' assistance they continued the family business but the economic conditions at the time caused them to suspend business. Jose Antonio wrote " under the inexperienced tutelage of my oldest brother Jose Angel we could make but little progress in promoting our interest and much less could we apply ourselves to a more perfect education...." Ref. Papers of Mirabeau Lamar, Austin, State Library, 1923, III, pp 597-598.

        Some of his family were early activist in the cause to separate Mexico from Spain. In 1813, due to a frustrated attempt to free Texas from Spanish rule, some of his family and other activists and their families left San Antonio for fear of reprisal.

        In an autobiography, Jose Antonio laments about the misfortunes of the Navarro's:

        "Since the Battle of Medina, my uncle, (Don) Francisco RUIZ, my brother-in-law, VERAMENDI, my brother Angel (II), and even ourselves, the minor children of the family, had fallen into horrid persecution on the part of all the Spanish officers devoted to the cause of the King. The names of RUIZ, VERAMENDI and NAVARRO were the mark of ignominy, the alarm of treason and of all evil that could be invoked against the Holy Cause and the rights of the King of Spain." More difficult times were to later follow.

        Angel (II) was the only son to follow in his fathers military footsteps. Angel (II) was a Lieutenant in the infantry when the Spanish General that he was under, Joaquin de ARREDON led his army into Bexar in an attempt to stifle any revolutionary attempts by the Texans. After the General learned of Angel (II)'s allegiance to Mexican and Texan independence Angel was relieved of his command as a Lieutenant in the Army and discharged from Royal Service. He had to flee for his life escaping to Mexico while his widowed mother and some other children quickly left San Antonio for their ranch in San Geronimo, Texas. His brother Jose Antonio, an uncle and a brother-in-law sought political refuge in Louisiana for about three years. The Navarro's tilled Louisiana soil to earn a decent livelihood. Some accounts state that Angel II was also with them for awhile before going to Mexico.

        In 1815, with political amnesty granted to all the insurgents of Texas from the King of Spain , Jose Antonio returned to San Antonio to find his widowed mother living in extreme conditions of poverty. His brother, Angel (II), now about age 31, did not return with him. Angel, however, proceeded to Mexico and joined the Republican Army of the North under Augustin Iturbidein the struggle for the Independence of Mexico from Spain. Jose, now about twenty years old, worked hard, receiving scant wages, to help his destitute and worn mother and younger brothers and sisters out of their poor conditions.

        Angel (II) finally did return to San Antonio in about 1820 as the head of a regiment of men. Angel proclaimed the plan of Iturbide for Independence and caused the Spanish Governor of Bexar, Don Antonio Maria MARTINEZ, to surrender and the rebel flag was hoisted on the tower of the old Church of San Fernando. After this daring deed, Angel (II)'s health quickly diminished. He was suddenly stricken with a sickness that disabled him from active duty and he retired from military service. Mexico finally secured their independence from Spain in 1821 and the NAVARRO'S and RUIZ families were again viewed as community leaders.

        Tony PEREZ-CANTU has a letter written by Angel (II) to his son Jose Nepomunceno NAVARRO where Angel (II) is recruiting an army for duty at Fort Davis. That as many men as he could round up should meet him at a local bar. The men must have a horse and guns. Angel (II) then assumed command of Fort Davis.

        At about age 27, Jose Angel NAVARRO (II) first "married" or started fathering several children by Maria Concepcion SERVANTS, probably starting about 1810-11, when she was about age 20.

San Fernando Cathedral Baptismal Record #1714:

      "10 Dec 1791, SERVANTES, Maria Concepcion, Spanish, two days old, legitimate child of Jose SERVANTES and Barbara PEREZ. Godparents are Manuel GALBAN and Candelaria DELGADO."

            In Angel (II)'s Nuncupative Will by his second wife Juana RAMIREZ, there is mention of the children that will inherit. These are Nepomunceno, Nicolas, Juana, Gertrudis. These children were adopted or raised by others after Concepcion's death, so they lived in several Navarro households as they grew up. Nepomunceno and Nicolas were placed under the guardianship of Angel (II)'s  brother Eugenio NAVARRO. Juana went to her aunt Josefa NAVARRO-VERAMENDI and Maria Gerturdis went to her uncle Luciano NAVARRO. At some point they were actually adopted by Angel II's brothers and sisters since he was in the Army he could not directly care for these children. According to Carol CIESZINSKI, a Navarro descendant and family historian,: "It is family folklore that Angel (II) was never married to Concepcion SERVANTS, but there were some children born to her that Angel (II) fathered."

            In searching through baptismal records, I discovered other children by Angel Navarro(II) and Maria Concepcion SERVANTES and some from Concepcion (or Maria) where the father is not mentioned. As with many families at those times, some children do not survive. Disease and other mishaps take many lives. Although only "four surviving children" were mentioned in Angel's Will even though there were more children born of his second wife Juana RAMIRES, the list of their children should look like this:

From Angel's 1st "wife" Maria Concepcion SERVANTES:

1. Jose Nepomunceno NAVARRO,b. @ 1811 <-----Our direct line---->
2. Maria Juana NAVARRO, bapt. 28 Dec 1812
3. Nicolas NAVARRO
4. Maria Petra NAVARRO, b. 21 Jan 1814
5. Maria Gertrudis NAVARRO SERVANTES, b. Nov 1816

There is question about Angel (II) being the father of these other children:

6. Maria Antonia del Carmen Germana SERVANTES, b. 1820, Father Unk.Bapt: May 1822
7. Lorenzo CERVANTES, b. 9 Aug 1820, Father Unk.
8. Maria Antonia del Carmen Germana CERVANTES, b.?May 1822, Father Unk.
9. Maria Felomena de Jesus, b. 1 Jan 1824, Father Unk.

From Angel's 2nd wife Juana RAMIRES:

10. Jose de los Angeles Narciso NAVARRO, (Angel III), b. 1832
11. Federico NAVARRO

            An interesting side note, Aunt Tony PEREZ-CANTU mentioned that the famous writer of The Man of Lamancha, .Manual SERVANTES was related to Concepcion SERVANTES. There is a town in Spain, Alcala de Henares, that has a home tour of the Servantes house.

        One burial record mentions Concepcion Servantes as a single person dying from child birth. Perhaps this was Angel's unmarried mate. The timing of death seems to fit with Angel III being born to Juana RAMIRES after 1830. The burial record mentions age 25, but our Concepcion would have been about 39 or 40 in that year. So, the question remains, is this "our" Concepcion or someone else with a similar name? Also how many of those names on the list above are actually "our" Concepcion's and Angel (II)'s children ?

Composanto Burial Record #1399: 30 Jan 1830:

       "SERVANTS, Concepion, single, left no will and died at 25 of child birth."


Exactly one year to the month from Concepion's death he marries Juana RAMIRES.

San Fernando Marriage #337, 9 Jan 1831

.......marriage of Angel NAVARRO to Juana RAMIRES.......

        Jose Angel (II), proclaimed the plan of Iturbide in San Antonio, when Governor MARTINEZ surrendered to him, delivering all the government archives, and afterwards adhering to Iturbide's plan of independence. This period dates the restoration and return of the Navarros, who like Col. Francisco RUIZ, their mothers brother, had been in refuge in the U.S.

            Jose Angel was a witness at the wedding of James Bowie and his niece Ursula Maria de VERAMENDI on 25 April 1831.

           Land holdings at the time of Angel II's death included the following:

On 7 July 1811, he purchased from Pedro ACOSTA, a tract of land 12 varas in frontage and 60 varas in depth at one peso per vara in the suburb of Laredo.

On 1 March 1819 he purchased from Tio SOLIZ a tract in Laredo with 15 varas frontage and 60 varas depth for two reales per vara.

On 1 Feb 1820 he purchased a solar with 20 varas frontage and 60 deep from Teresa RIVAS for 2 reales per vars. This land is bound on the north by public land and on the south by land he already owned.

On 1 Oct 1819, he purchased a tract of land in Laredo with 32 varas of frontage and 60 varas of depth on 1 Oct 1819 at 6 reales per vara.

In April of 1825 he purchased a dilapidated house and lot from Maria Josefa de ZAGA and Francisco PEREZ

According to a deed of conveyance dated 9 July 1825, Angel II had gotten a stone house situated on Flores Street in which he and his wife Juana RAMIREZ lived until his death.

On 16 Jan 1826 he purchased a tract of land, 50 varas of frontage in the suburb of Laredo for 37 pesos. On the same date he also bought from Corporel Jose Maria SAMBRANO, a solar with 17 varas frontage and 60 deep for 6 reales per vara.

He owned another stone house in or near the Mission of San Jose. It was purchased from Antonio Garcia for 30 pecos according to the deed of conveyance dated 25 Jan 1832

There was also a sitio of land situated along the de Leon and la Rosita Creeks according to a deed 4 Dec 1833.

A tract of land known as the Rincon del Futillo with one-and-a-half days of irrigation water. It was purchased for 165 pesos on 1 March 1835.

Two tracts of land situated in the secularized Mission of San Jose, known by the names of Table del Alamo and Tierra de Teresa Bustillos, with the accompanying irrigation water according to a deed dated 2 April 1835.

According to a ledger sheet, page 44, the servant, Manuel CASTILLO, who enlisted in the Army on 30 Oct 1835, departed owing 71 pesos, 3 gramos. It's interesting to note that by looking at the ledger one can get an idea what some common items would cost. A rifle for 20 pesos, two pistols with holsters 30 pesos, a fine sword about 2 pesos, a silver spoon and silver fork about 5 pesos, a silver watch about 7 pesos.

        Angel (II), realizing the seriousness of his illness, prior to his death, on 11 June 1836, made a profession of faith and gave his final requests. He gave a verbal Last Will in the presents of the 71 year old priest, Refugio de la GARZA, his 25 year old cousin, Francisco RUIS, Jr., and two others, Jose CASIANO and 24 year old Simon ARRIOLA. Angel (II) requested that two of his brothers, Eugenio NAVARRO and Jose Antonio NAVARRO, be contacted and assume the duty of making a proper inventory of his property.  They were charged to ascertain five equal shares of his property for his wife, Juana RAMIREZ, and four surviving children., Nepomuceno NAVARRO, Nicolas NAVARRO, Juana NAVARRO-(ALSBURY), and Gertrudis NAVARRO. Angel (II) left the house and its belongings to his wife Juana RAMIREZ and the cattle and various land holdings distributed to the four children. Because the Texas revolution was still going on, the inventory finally took place about half-a-year or more later. The ranch had been deserted and the approximate 163 head of cattle were scattered. Four cowboys were sent to round up all the cattle and bring them into town for inspection and appraisal by someone familiar with the cattle industry. The appointed appraisers were Jose Manuel de la GARZA and Francisco RIVAS. The cowboys were only able to locate 99 head of cattle. On 15 Feb 1837 the family gathered as the cattle, confined in a corral, were carefully examined. The appraisers decided to classify them in about fourteen categories. Values were given between three pesos for a yearling calf and twelve pesos for a breeding cow. A full grown steer that was already in the possession of Nepomuceno NAVARRO was valued at fifteen pesos. Distribution to the four children then took place with the appraisers making the divisions. Nepomuceno received 25 head, valued at 202 pesos. Nicholas received 24 head, valued at 210 pesos. Alejandro ALSBURY, in behalf of his wife Juana received 25 head, valued at 116 pesos. And Gertrudis received 22 head, valued at 215 pesos.

        By the end of 1837, both Eugenio and Jose Antonio NAVARRO had declined to continue to act as administrators of Angel (II)'s estate and Hamilton HALL was appointed in their stead on 28 Dec 1837. He made a summation of the total estate which now valued 6431 pesos, 6 reales, 11 1/2 granos and tried to divide it as equally among the five inheritors. He also included the two minor children Angel (III) and Federico which inherited over 5100 pesos and Uncle Eugenio became their guardian. Angel's widow was given 1300 pesos as one-half the property acquired during her marriage and her dowry. The four adult children received the value of about 321 pesos each which included the cattle and other personal belongings of their father and about 50 pesos in cash. It all finally got settled by the end of March 1839.

Ref. Numcupative Will and Distribution of Estate of Angel NAVARRO, aprox. 100 pages, DTR-Alamo Library. 

Camposanto Burial Record # 1569: 13 June 1836:

       "NAVARRO, Jose Angel,(II), married to Juana RAMIRES. He left a will and died at 52. He was buried at the parish church, now the San Fernando Cathedral."


        Alejo II's children were second cousins to Antonia NAVARRO, such as, Corina PEREZ, who was a Godmother at ANTONIA NAVARRO'S baptism on Nov 1870. Lucia PEREZ and her brother Alejo PEREZ, III were the witnesses at the wedding of ANTONIA NAVARRO and JOSE MARIA PEREZ on 6 Oct 1886. As stated, Corina, Alejo III, and Lucia were descendent children of Alejo PEREZ, II. and grandchildren to Maria NAVARRO who were survivors of the Alamo siege.



There is another section in this work devoted to him as our direct line. He was born about 1811 and fought at the Battle of San Jacinto 21 April 1836. He married Maria de Jesus URON, (HURON) born in La Baha, Goliad, Texas in 1817. Neponunceno died on 8 April 1877.


       This birth document details and confirms the family connection of NAVARRO and SERVANTES

San Fernando Church Baptismal record # 69: 27 Dec 1812:

       "NAVARRO, Juana Gertrudes, a mestisa, age not given, natural daughter of Don Jose
and Concepcion SERVANTES.

      Grandparents, paternal: Don Angel NAVARRO and Dona Josefa RUIZ.

      Grandparents, maternal: Jose SERVANTES and Dona Barbara PEREZ.

       Godparents: Don. Juan VERAMENDI and Dona Josefa NAVARRO. Father Sambrano baptized the child and signed the book."


        Juana was an aunt to Juan NAVARRO. Juana was raised by her godparents, Juan Martin VERAMENDI and his wife Josefa NAVARRO (Juana's aunt and the sixth child of Angel Navarro, Sr.) Juana spent some time in the home of her Uncle Jose Antonio NAVARRO, but most of her time, as a young lady, was spent with her aunt, Maria Josefa Candida NAVARRO, b. 19 March 1792, who married Juan Martin de Carmen de VERIMENDI, b. 17 Dec 1778, who later became the Vice-governor of Texas and Cohilla. His father was Don Fernando and Dona Maria Josefa GRANADO. The vice-governor and his family both resided in what was named after him the Verimendi Palace. It was very large and extended into what is now Commerce St. in San Antonio. The original doors to the Palace can be seen inside the chapel at the Alamo.

        Alejo PEREZ, first husband to Juana NAVARRO, was a member of the de LEON Colony which had settled in Victoria County in the 1820's. They married in 1830-(32?) In 1833 he was granted 1/4th league of land on the East side of the Guadalupe River. The first child, a daughter named Encarnacion, died in infancy. Don Alejo (Sr.) died in 1833-(4?) of cholera, and left a pregnant widow. The second child was Alejo PEREZ, II. born in 1834.

        There is another page where his family line is listed.

San Fernando Cathedral Baptismal Record #513

      "31 March 1835, PERES, Alejo de la Encarnacion, 8 days old, legitimate son of Don Alexo PERES and Dona Maria Juana NAVARRO. Godparents Dona Manuel and Dona Maria de Jesus PERES. Fr. De la GARZA baptized the child and signed the book'


        WHAT ABOUT THE ALAMO? Did we have a direct ancestor at the Alamo during its siege? The straight answer is no. But, we did have some, not to distant, relatives there. Two daughters and a grandson of Angel NAVARRO, (II) and Concepcion SERVANTES. This was Maria Juana Navarro-(Veramendi)-Perez-Alsbury, her infant son, Alejo Perez, II, and Maria's sister, Gertrudis Navarro-CANTU was also there. That should, of course, count for something. Mrs. Alarmon Sue DICKINSON and her fifteen month old daughter has been given the most notoriety in history written by Anglo historians. Not as if the other Hispanic and Negroes that were also there didn't count. Perhaps there was some resentment against Hispanics because of the tyranny of the Mexican army that just carried over. Some writers refer to her as "the only woman to walk out of the Alamo alive". But the facts are that there were about nineteen known "survivors" of the siege and perhaps more. That is not even counting the Negro slaves, and other women and children that were butchered at the hands of Santa Ana's soldiers. What an injustice to history and to Hispanic and Black pride to constantly omit these people when referring to Alamo survivors. Current Texas History books are beginning to include more of these overlooked events. I would like to include the names of some of these heroic individuals in this work. They are:

1. Maria Juana NAVARRO (Also known as Mrs. Horace ALSBURY).
2. Her 18 month old son, Alejo PEREZ, II.
3. Her 15 year old sister, Gertrudis NAVARRO,
        (later married John Miguel CANTU).
4. Mrs. Gregorio ESPARZA.
5. Her 8 year old son, Enrique ESPARZA.
6-7-8. And three other of her younger sons.
9. Mrs. Toribio LOSOZA, later was Mrs. MILTON.
10-11-12. Her three young children.
14. Dona PETRA, a very old woman
15. Joe, Col. TRAVIS'S negro slave boy.
16. ...............? James BOWIE'S negro man.
17. Anselmo BORGARRA, a possible servant to TRAVIS.
18. Mrs. Almaron DICKINSON or Sue DICKINSON.
19. Her 15 month old daughter, Angelina DICKINSON.
20 Trinidad SAUCEDO, a very beautiful young girl.

Ref. Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol.37, pg. 169, Jan 1934

        Beside the monument listing the actual heroes of the Alamo there should be a plaque that could give some recognition to those 19 or more non-combatant, Alamo survivors that also deserve to be recognized and honored.

        Juana NAVARRO PEREZ (ALSBURY) applied for and received from the Legislature of Texas, a pension for her services, and for jewels and money that she lost at the Alamo during its siege and fall. She made affidavit in this application that she was at the Alamo at the time of its fall on 6 March 1836. Ref. Memorial, no.73, file 1.

Ref. Article from San Antonio Light, 25 July 1888:

        "Mrs. Juana PEREZ died here yesterday at a ripe old age. She was one of the survivors of the massacre of the Alamo. She was a niece of Gov. Verimendi. Her first husband was a Perez, but she later married Dr. Alsbury. Fearing an invasion, Dr. Alsbury placed her in the Alamo under the protection of Col. James BOWIE, who had married her adopted sister, a daughter of Gov. VERIMENDI. Besides Mrs. PEREZ and Madam CANDELARIO, who was nursing BOWIE, there were six more Mexican women and three Mexican men in the Alamo. The men were all murdered and the women were treated to great indignity. All the women are now dead except Madame CANDELARIO and a Mrs. LOSOYO living near the southern portion of the city, and another woman south of the city."

        Our direct ancestor, Neponuceno Navarro, was Angel (II)'s first son, and brother to Nicolas, Maria and Gertrudis as well as an uncle to Alejo, II. An unrelated Perez line ties in with Maria NAVARRO'S first marriage to Don Alejo PEREZ. An interesting account of the life of Juana NAVARRO de ALSBURY is published in a book called "Women in Early Texas", pages 191-195.

        Juana NAVARRO'S second marriage was to Dr. David Alexander Horace ALSBURY in Jan.1836, just a few months before the Alamo seige. Horace was a native of Kentucky and had come to Texas as one of Stephen F. Austins's three-hundred colonists to receive land. He and two brothers had been given 1 1/2 leagues of land in Brazoria County in Aug. 1824. Colonel TRAVIS sent Dr. Horace ALSBURY and another man to convince Col. FANNIN to bring his forces to the Alamo before Santa Anna's impending attack. Juana and her young son, Alejo, II. remained in the Alamo during the attack and nursed James BOWIE during the siege. Juana was BOWIE'S sister-in-law, and a cousin and adopted sister of Ursula Veramendi BOWIE. At the Alamo were Juana, 18 month old, Alejo, II and fifteen year old, Gertrudis along with about sixteen or more women, children and slaves. (List found in Southwest Historical Quarterly, Vol. 37, Jan 1934, p.169) They stayed in the Southwest room separate from the rest of the women. Manuel PEREZ, a brother to the late husband Alejo, greeted her after the Alamo siege. In another version Tony PEREZ-CANTU recalls that her grandfather "Papa Juan NAVARRO, nephew to Gertrudis and Juana, said that Santa Anna would not attack until all the women and children came out especially the NAVARRO'S Because of the friendship Santa Anna had with that family. Then the soldiers made a path way for them to walk through"

        Juana's husband, Dr. Horace ALSBURY, later joined Sam HOUSTON at the Battle of San Jacinto along with Nepomuceno NAVARRO, Juana's brother.. Horace later sold his land on 4 Dec 1836. Living in Bexar County, Dr. ALSBURY was captured by Adrian Woll at San Antonio and was at Perote Prison until 16 Sept 1844. ALSBURY enlisted in the United States Army in the Mexican War and was killed in a gunfight in 1842 (1847?) near the Rio Grande.

Ref. Heroes of San Jacinto by Dixon, Kemp

Ref. Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. 37 A Critical Study of the Siege of the Alamo.

        Juana then married for a third time to Juan PEREZ, which was a cousin to her first husband. She died in San Antonio on 25 July 1888 at age 75. According to Tom Allen's "Those Buried Texans" she is buried at the Alsbury Cemetery, East of San Antonio.

        We should consider the other brothers and sisters to Nepomuceno NAVARRO.



        Not much is mentioned about him. The little information I do have is from the last will of Angel where Nicolas is mentioned as one of the four children heirs. His uncle Eugenio was his guardian

        This baptismal record appears to be about the right time period that Nicolas would be married and having children.

San Fernando Cathedral Baptisimal Records #408

     "20 Aug 1834, NAVARRO, Jose Antonio, 6 days old, legitimate son of Nicolas NAVARRO and Rusinda BENITES. Godparents Don Francisco MESA and Dona Maria Josefa SALINAS. Fr. De la GARZA baptized the child and signed the book."



This baptismal record again confirms the NAVARRO AND  SERVANTES relationship.

San Fernando Church Baptismal record # 185: 21 Jan 1814:

     "NAVARRO, Maria Petra, a coyota, 1 day old, natural child of Jose Angel NAVARRO and Concepcion SERVANTES.

    Grandparents, paternal: Don Angel NAVARRO and Dona Josefa RUIZ.

    Grandparents, maternal: Jose SERVANTES and Barbara PEREZ. Godmother: Trinidad PEREZ.

    Father Sambrano baptized the child, and signed the book. (Note. This child was the sister of Maria Gertrudes NAVARRO, who was adopted by Don Juan Veramendi and his wife."

        This is one child that may not have survived to adulthood.



San Fernando Church Baptismal record # 391 29 Nov 1816:

      "SERVANTES, Maria Gertrudes Navarro, Spanish, 3 days old, natural daughter of Concepcion SERVANTES.

      Grandparents, maternal only: Jose SERVANTES and Concepcion PEREZ.

    Godparents: The Alferes, Don Bernardo RODRIGUEZ and Dona Gertrudes de la CERDA.

     Father Jose Cayetano Morales baptized the child and signed the book." (Notation on document: The father of the child, Maria SERVANTES, was Don Jose Angel Navarro. "El padre natural de la Esiatura, que se espresa en la sigiente partida, es Don Jose Angel Navarro, lo que servia de Govierno.")

   Gertrudis NAVARRO was born on 26 Nov 1816. She was an Aunt to Juan NAVARRO and he referred to her as "Tia Toulita". Gertrudis also lived in the home of her uncle Jose Antonio NAVARRO along with Juana and adopted by her uncle Luciano NAVARRO, (brother of Jose Angel (II) and tenth child of Angel NAVARRO) and his wife, Teodora de CARVAJAL. She also lived for awhile in the VERIMENDI home. Gertrudis married Juan Miguel CANTU. He was born on 26 July 1811. They married on 26 July 1841 at San Fernando Cathedral (License #83 Book A-41) and had eight children. She died in 1895 in Calaveras, Texas, near Elmendorf.

List, 4-7, is not in correct birth order:
1. Francisco Lisandro CANTU, b.April 1842
2. Angela CANTU, b.April 1843
3. Catarina CANTU, b. Sept 1844
4. Jesus CANTU
5. Faustino CANTU
6. Ubaldo CANTU
7. Santa Antonio CANTU
8. Miguel CANTU, b. Jan 1849

One son of Miguel and Gertrudes, Francisco (1) is listed on record:

San Fernando Church Baptismal Record # 693, 14 May 1842.

      "Francisco Lisandro, 23 days old. Legitimate son of Miguel CANTU and Gertrudes NAVARRO. Godparents were Juan LOSAYA and Juana LOSOYA. Father Clavo baptized and signed the book"

Another daughter of Miguel and Gertrudes, Angela (2):

San Fernando Baptismal Record #772, 30 April 1843

    Angela, born on 17 April 1843, legitimate daughter of Miguel CANTU and Gertrudes NAVARRO. Godparents are Marcos VERAMENDI and Jesusa CANTU. Fr. Clavo baptized and signed the book.

One of the daughters of Miguel and Gertrudes, Catalina (3),on a baptismal record:

San Fernando Church Baptismal Record #862, 3 Oct 1844, born on 5 Sept 1844.

     Catalina, legitimate daughter of Miguel CANTU and "Tules" NAVARRO. The Godparents were Ygnacio CASIANO and Lora JACQUES.. Fr. Clavo baptized her and signed the book.

Child (8), was Miguel Ylario de Jesus CANTU

San Fernando Church Baptismal record #1350...7 Feb 1849.

     " Cantu, Miguel Ylario de Jesus, born on 14 Jan 1849, legitimate son of Miguel CANTU and Gertrudes NAVARRO. Godparents were Cayetano RIBAS and Antonia VERAMENDI. Fr. Clavo baptized and signed the book."



The sixth child of Concepcion:

San Fernando Church Baptismal record # 588 19 March 1820

     "SERVANTES, Maria del Carmel, Spanish, age not given, natural child of Maria de la Concepcion SERVANTES. Father unknown. Grandparents names not given. Godparents: Don Rugenio Flores and Dona Jacoba FUENTES. Father de la Garza baptized the child and signed the book."



The seventh child of Concepcion:

San Fernando Cathedral Baptismal Record # 606:

     "9 Aug 1820, CERVANTES, Lorenzo, Spanish, three days old, natural son of Maria CERVANTES. Father unknown. Godmother: Asencion CASTRO. Father De la Garza baptized the child and signed the book"


The eighth child of Concepcion:

San Fernando Cathedral Baptismal Record # 708:

       "28 May 1822, CERVANTES, Maria Antonia del Carmen Germana, Spanish, age not given. Natural child of Concepcion CERVANTES. Father unknown. Godparents: Don Joaquin CAMACHO and Dona Maria Josefa COURBIER. Father de Leon baptized the child and signed the book."



The ninth child of Concepcion:

San Fernando Cathedral Baptismal Record # 828:

        "3 Jan 1824, CERVANTES, Maria Filamena de Jesus, two days old, Natural child of Dona Concepcion CERVANTES. Father unknown. Godmother: Dona Concepcion PEREZ. Father Francisco Maynes baptized the child and signed the book."



Josefa "Chapita" NAVARRO was raised and given the nickname by Luz ESCALERA I'm not sure how she fits into Angel's family. There was only one mention of this person in all the materials I've read.



        Jose Angel (III), born on 31 Oct 1832, was the first born of Angel (II)'s "second" wife Juana RAMIRES. And I only speculate that he was Angel (II)'s tenth child.

San Fernando Cathedral Baptismal Record # 391.

      "6 Nov 1832, NAVARRO, Jose de los Angeles, 7 days old, Legitimate son of Don Jose Angel NAVARRO and Dona Maria Juana RAMIRES.

        Paternal grandparents are Don Angel NAVARRO and Dona Maria Josefa RUIS. Maternal grandparents are Don Jose Maria RAMIRES and Dona Juana Josefa de la GARZA.

Godparents are Lt. Col. Don Francisco RUIS and Dona Maria Josefa HERNANDES. Fr. De la GARZA baptized the child and signed the book"



         Frederico was the second child born to Angel (II)'s second wife and, again, speculation on my part, the eleventh child of Angel (II).