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Model related appearances of the Aurora Invaders UFO.

1968 Aurora Invaders UFO Advertisement

Invaders animated

This is an original ad which Aurora placed in comic books in 1968, with typically poor color registration. The Dick Tracy Space Coupe ad has been cropped off the bottom, and it has been updated slightly to reflect the internet age.

Invaders TV Show Filming Miniature:

Studio Miniature

This the only known photo (thus far) of The Invaders filming miniature, shown here courtesy of Tom Strong. The following information was also collected by Tom. Much of it comes from the actual people involved in the creation of the saucer, and who were interviewed in the 90's. That information has been cross-referenced with those involved who are still surviving, and would appear to be the most accurate picture of the creation of the filming model.:

Any information about this miniature or about the TV show's working arrangement with Aurora Plastics would be appreciated. Please contact me and/or Tom at:

Additional Kits

The "New" Aurora Plastic Corp: #256

New Aurora

This is suppose to be the new release from the "new" Aurora Plastics Corp. Their website says that it was due to be released December 29, 2007, at a cost of $44.95. I have read that the model will have the original 1968 box art, rather than this one shown on their website. But I've not seen the model or been able to find any other information about it. I am doubtful.

2005 Botelho Paper Kit


This model, made by Mike Botelho of Canada, is made entirely of heavy weight paper with 5 clear plastic caps underneath. It is made at a somewhat smaller scale than the plastic kits. While he is unable to sell his unbuilt kits for legal reasons, you will often see completed paper models at auction on eBay -Darth_Thor on eBay-

Or check out his new website at : -Sci Fi Prime Paper Crafts- for his extensive collection of paper SciFi models

Comet Miniatures

Comet Miniatures, of Great Britain, put out a 1.5 inch diameter metal version, (#MM12) of the Invaders UFO - in the 1980's but with only 4 lights underneath, as part of their line of long discontinued - Sci Fi Mini Metals -. The first versions had the 4 landing gear cast as one single piece (as shown). Later, they were cast as 4 individual pieces. Mini Metals were first sold in bags with header cards while they waited for the blisters to be produced later.


Resin Mini

A 1.5 inch white resin version (no doubt a Comet Mini recast) of the UFO is currently being offered by -Mini Model Madness-

I purchased this model. The package shows a UFO with 5 lights. However, the actual model has only 4 lights underneath, just like the Comet UFO. It even uses the Comet package artwork.

Resin UFO

Wooden Model

I saw this his 8 inch wood and resin model of the Invaders UFO being offered on eBay last year by someone referred to as "buiderscience" It is apparently produced in the Philippines..


Battlestar Galactica Cylon Filming Miniature

David Penn sent me these photos of the Cylon Raider filming miniature used in the original Battlestar Galactica. Apparently, while detailing the craft they must have kitbashed an Aurora Invaders UFO and used some wall panels from the interior. Coincidentally, by this time Monogram which later would put out the model of the Cylon Raider, had already purchased the original molds to the UFO from Aurora..

While these parts of the craft were present in the later Monogram plastic model, the Invader details were not.


Xanadu Opening Film Credits

Take a look at this short clip from the 1980 film, Xanadu, staring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly. Richard Greenberg Ass., who did the special effects for the opening credits used a lighted version of the Invaders UFO. Thanks again to David Penn for bringing this to my attention.

UFO Game

I acquired this game, still sealed, from a fellow in Canada. The logo indicates that it was made by Columbia Games in about 1978. The use of the Aurora Invaders UFO (minus landing gear) on the lid is pretty obvious. The game, classified as a wargame, was also put out by Avalon Hill about the same time, in a smaller box.

UFO Game

Invaders Toys

A reader in Finland pointed out this toy made by a company in Spain called Comansi.



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