Type the word "wargame" into the AltaVista search engine and you will get 37,560 hits. While many of these are probably defunct or duplicate citations, the simple fact is that there are a lot of wargaming pages on the web. Boardgaming may be a dying hobby, but one would never notice this from the Internet.

Most hobbies or interests have one major site that will start Internet surfers off in the right direction. For wargamers, this place is Web-Grognards, accurately subtitled "the site for wargames on the web." Grognards is the project of Alan Poulter, Eric Pass, Skip Franklin, and Jim Byrne who maintain and update the site almost weekly.

The heart of Web-Grognards is the alphabetical wargames listing. Most historical simulations are recorded here, along with nearly every link possible. These links include reviews, strategy articles, errata, variants, indices, other sites, and computer aids. Anyone seeking to explore or study virtually any game should start here.

Not content with just connecting people to specific simulation sites, Grognards has links to many wargame publishers, clubs, online publications, sellers, homepages, and convention reports. There are computer and railroad gaming sections, but not much for card or role-players. Miniatures are treated in some depth. Grognards can also connect you to free board, computer, and card games, as well as role-playing and miniature rules.

Web-Grognards has a section discussing wargaming listserves and Usenet groups, including instructions for access. Furthermore, there are lots of databases, such as simulations printed in various publications, magazine indices, e-mail addresses, and types of wargames sorted by category (e.g. solitaire, subject). Finally, the site has GDW’s Battle for Moscow available for downloading, and a weekly challenge (identify a game from its map and counters and win fame, but no fortune.)

Start with this site, and you will never turn off your computer long enough to actually play wargames again. Highly recommended.

Peter L. de Rosa

Note: The original version of this review appeared in Strategist 28 (May 1998):1, 6. The Strategist is the newletter of the Strategy Gaming Society.




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