Using Guild Master

by Aaron Dalton

My name is Aaron Dalton. I am a High School English Teacher in Evanston, Wyoming. I am also an avid gamer, and stumbled across Lloyd's site from the educational games newsletter. Wow! What a resource.

I had an opportunity to create about 75% of the cards for Lloyd's game Guild Master. We were able to play a modified version, each student was allotted 3 cards, plus a few random students received 4 or 5. We played two rounds, and it went really well. Our "Guildmaster" had 16 points in one resource, but ended up owing many favors for cards given to her. I designed the cards with roads on them. As the students built their holdings, they had to match up the roads, build the city elements, and tape them to the chalkboard. I think it helped the students to visualize how such a city could grow. The resulting city was very chaotic, and went along well with our non-fiction reading The Labyrinthine City of Fez by Anais Nin. It served as a take-off point for our discussion of the story. The students seemed to enjoy it.

I am currently teaching a Mythology course at our high school, and as a culminating activity, students were required to create a game with their groups. We spent a week working on rules, objectives and creating the manipulatives, then spent a day playing! It was great fun, and I think very good practice at critical thinking. Students were required to use elements from the African myth of "Bakaridjan Kone". If I find time, I may submit the card game that I created for this assignment to AGR.

Thank you very much, Lloyd! It is always fun to meet a fellow gamer, and to try something new.



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