JagdPanther Publications: A Game Inventory

One of the more interesting wargame companies during the 'Golden Age of Wargaming' was JagdPanther Publications which operated out of Amarillo, Texas from 1973 to 1977. Known mainly for JagdPanther, its flagship magazine, the company also published newsletters, games and other merchandise. In addition, it moderated PBM games, absorbed Abwehr Publications (honoring their subscriptions in the process), and operated Eagle Games, Ltd., a subsidiary.

Stephen V. Cole founded the company and eventually sold half of it to Allen Eldridge. After indicating a desire to acquire real lives, the owners paid off their bills and shut things down in 1977. Cole went on to form Task Force Games and publish For Your Eyes Only, a current military affairs newsletter that is now part of The Strategy Page. Today he runs the Amarillo Design Bureau, noted mostly for Star Fleet Battles.


JagdPanther magazine, published quarterly, featured a complete game or a major variant in each issue. It also offered rules revisions, minigames, variants, scenarios, and historical material. The earliest issues had a strong PanzerBlitz focus, but later issues covered a wide variety of games. The magazine upgraded its quality constantly, using the following formats:

Issue 1: 11" offset. reprinted at 14" photocopy and offset
Issue 2: 11" photocopy. redone offset at 14"
Issue 3: 14" offset
Issue 4: first heavy cover
Issue 8: 11" x 17" sheets folded and saddle-stapled
Issue 10: first color cover, die-cut counters, single-sheet map

JP was renamed Battlefield for its final issue (#15).

The following lists each issue's simulations, minigames, and major variants:

Issue 1 (April 1973)
MP44. tactical squad-level game
Cowpens. American Revolution
Scrimmage IV. Football. unrelated to the Strategy & Tactics game
PanzerBlitz expansion. 35 scenarios involving 14 countries

Issue 2 (July 1973)
ACAV. PanzerBlitz in Vietnam
Fliegenkampf. tactical air rules for PanzerBlitz
PanzerBlitz expansion. helicopter, glider and paratrooper rules
The Capture of Fort Eban Emael. World War II paratroopers
Crazy Horse. buffalo hunting.

Issue 3 (October 1973)
MTB. PanzerBlitz in Second World War Pacific
Swordfish!. Taranto Harbor
Origins of Vietnam. Originis of World War II scenario

Issue 4 (January 1974)
Sidi Rezegh. PanzerBlitz in North Africa
Alderkampf. Strategic movement for PanzerBlitz and air-to-air combat
Graf Spee. miniatures
Halocaust. Nuclear Destruction variant
Komet und Meteor. Foxbat and Phantom variant

Issue 5 (April 1974)
Zeppelin. Strategic First World War air warfare
RN. World War II miniatures: Germany vs. Britain
Damascus map. Sinai extension

Issue 6 (July 1974)
WWIII. Expanded and linked NATO, East is Red, and Sinai

Issue 7 (October 1974)
Gorlice-Tarnow. World War I Eastern Front

Issue 8 (January 1975)
Siege of Barad Dur, 3430. Tolkien battle

Issue 9 (April 1975)
Goetterdammerung. Europe 1945. stand alone game that could be linked to War in the East

Issue 10 (July 1975)
Marine!. 1970s USMC small unit operations

Issue 11 (October 1975)
The March on India, 1944

Issue 12 (January 1976)

Issue 13 (April 1976)
The Siege of Leningrad

Issue 14 (July 1976)
Warsaw Pact. World War III in Europe

Issue 15 (October 1976). published as Battlefield magazine
Jacksonville: The Beaches of Doom. Hypothetical 1977 Russian invasion of the US from Cuba


JagdPanther also published several games outside of the magazine. The earliest games (termed 1st edition here) had maps in sections and unmounted counters. The second wave of games (called 2nd edition here) featured single sheet maps and die-cut counters. Two games, "Gestapo Monopoly" and "Obliteration II," were sometimes mentioned in JP's literature, but both were actually jokes.

The following games were published:
Poland, 1939. 1st and 2nd editions
The Rigelian Wars, 2146-3075. 1st edition. strategic science-fiction
Syria, 1941. 1st edition. former Abwehr game
Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. 1st and 2nd editions
The Fall of Bataan. 2nd edition
The Battle for Madrid. 2nd edition. Spanish Civil War
Airborne!. 2nd edition. Marine! variant
Nowsville, 1980. 1st edition. tactical urban warfare


The company operated the International Confederation of Wargamers for a while, but according to Cole, it never really did anything. The first issues of the ICW Newsletter were essentially a newsletter for the local wargaming club. Issues #34-36 were sold through JP and featured map extensions for several games. Bushwhacker replaced the ICW Newsletter in 1974, but ceased publication the following year. It offered a minigame or variant which included an 8" x 11" map and facsimile counters. BW also had hobby news, historical material, and gaming information.

ICW Newsletter

Issue 34
Korea map. East is Red expansion
Cairo, Beirut, Damascus maps. Sinai expansions

Issue 35
"Teheran!" Caucasus map

Issue 36
"World War I West Front." Maps for the Western and Italian fronts done on the Gorlice-Tarnow scale


Issue 1
Wargame reviews only

Issue 2
Paris Commune. Franco-Prussian War

Issue 3
"France, 1940 Expansion." Extended France, 1940's map to the Swiss border and added a differential CRT

Issue 4
Battle of the Reich's Fortresses. Alpine Final Redoubt

Issue 5
Sixth Fleet map. Western Mediterranean map for the SPI game. adds the Spanish navy.

Issue 6
The Valley of the Lions. battle from Conan the Conqueror
"Battling Busses." humorous PanzerBlitz variant
"North African Fuel Supply Game." math-oriented logistical game (actually untitled)

Issue 7
Third Reich Northern Expansion. Scandinavia map

Issue 8
"Remagan Bridge." PanzerBlitz scenario

Eagle Games

In 1975, JP formed a subsidiary called Eagle Games, Ltd. It published these games:

Battlecruiser!. Battleship variant and expansion
Gar-Garouk!. dinosaur vs. dinosaur combat
Starfire. spaceship combat. later a Task Force game
Russian Bridge. humorous Bridge variant. thirteen 4-card suits

Other Products

PanzerBlitz Maps for:

Utah Beach
Omaha Beach
City of Stalingrad
Battle of Prochorovka
Tarawa Atoll
Dien Bien Phu

JagdPanther also sold collections of JagdPanther magazine. Issues 1-4 were included in JagdPanther Book I, and issues 5-8 were in JagdPanther Book II.

Finally, JP moderated some PBM games, but closed down this operation due to a lack of customers. These games included:

Challenge. man to man combat on a deserted island
Command College. PanzerBlitz scenarios
Halocaust. Nuclear Destruction variant
Kriegsmarine. submarine campaign game. hypothetical
Reich's Kanzelrie. political and coup d'etat game set in a fictional country


The original version of this article appeared in the Strategist 25 (September 1995):3-4. The Strategist is the newsletter of the Strategy Gaming Society.

Sources include various JP catalogs and literature, and Stephen V. Cole's invaluable help.

Back issues of JP are available at e23 in PDF format.

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