The Game Cabinet

SGS members, of course, are basically wargamers at heart. After all, we do not send fifteen bucks to our treasurer every year just to make him feel important. That is merely a fringe benefit. None the less, nonwargames also have their appeal to people like us. They fill in time at club meetings, develop and satiate analytical and decision-making skills, and offer a normally pleasant social experience. Best of all, no one takes the game results too seriously. The Game Cabinet is by far the best source of information on this genre.

The Cabinet is a webzine whose publication frequency varies somewhat over the year. Each issue presents game, book and magazine reviews, industry news, convention reports, European game rules translations, ludographies, online gaming sites, free games, traditional (pre1900) game rules, letters, addresses, and links. Back issues are indexed by issue and by subject. Overall, hundreds of games are covered in some form.

Even better, all seventeen issues of Mike Siggins’ legendary Sumo’s Karaoke Club (sic) are archived on the site. This publication featured lively, humorous writing throughout its history (1989-1994), and its game reviews still read well.

Overall, editor Ken Tidwell and his coconspirators display a strong bias towards European games, especially those from Germany. Some wargames, such as Maharaja, occasionally sneak in, but the Cabinet is mostly committed to spreading the Eurogaming gospel in all its forms. Even if you do not like these types of games, check out the site. The writing quality alone is worth the click.

Peter L. de Rosa

Note: The original version of this review appeared in Strategist 29 (January 1999):6. The Strategist is the newsletter of the Strategy Gaming Society.





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