First Year Seminar: Baseball and American Society

History 199-3 Course Syllabus

Department of History, Bridgewater State College

Dr. Peter L. de Rosa
Spring 2008

Text: Rader, Baseball: A History of America's Game
Internet assignments
Class handouts

Jan 24 Course Introduction. Origins. Rader pp. 1-6
Baseball History Course Outline and Resource Guide

Jan 31 Professionalism. 6-60
The Origins of Baseball
The Massachusetts Game
Handout on 1864 Rules

Feb 7. 19th Century Baseball. 61-78
Boston Baseball Dynasties
Handout on Early New England Teams
1st Written Assignment due

Feb 14 Deadball. 79-123
The Boston Pilgrims Never Existed
Fenway Park

Feb 21 Golden Age. 124-143, 155-163. Conferences
Baseball Broadcasting from Another Day
Baseball's Negro Leagues

Feb 28 Difficult Years. 143-155. Conferences

Mar 6 Postwar Baseball. 163-196
Baseball Markets
2nd Written Assignment due

Mar 13 Expansion. 196-214. Conferences

Mar 27 The Modern Game. 215-252. Conferences
Moneyball: One Year Later
Bill James Primer
The Sabermetric Manifesto

Apr 3 Globalization. 252-255. Conferences. 3rd Written Assignment due

Apr 10 Baseball and Popular Culture. Presentations
Casey at the Bat

Apr 17 Recreation. Presentations. Papers due

Apr 24 Boston Baseball since 1945. Presentations
The Interregnum, 1919-2003
Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu

May 1 Final Examination. Extra credit paper due

History Department: Tillinghast 233. (508) 531-1388
Office Hours: T 4-5 pm in Tillinghast 223, and by appointment
Office Telephone: (508) 531-1260. Ext. 6533
Web page/e-journal: Academic Gaming Review

Grading: Paper: 30%. Presentation: 10%. Final: 15%. Discussion: 15%. Written Assignments: 10% each. Late penalty for written work: 20 points per class session.

Instructions for the written assignments, based on the readings, paper, presentation and the final will be given later.

Discussions will be based on the Presentations, Rader, the lectures, handouts, and the web sources.

Extra Credit: Up to 10 points added to your final grade if you prepare your presentation in written form for submission to the Society for American Baseball Research Paper Collection. Give me a written version of your of presentation by the last day of class. Type it single-spaced, with bibliographical information. Proofread it thoroughly and show it to me a week before its due. It must meet certain standards before you can get credit for it, so this meeting is quite important. Include your name and contact information on it, as well as a copyright statement such as:

Copyright, 2008, by your name. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to The Society for American Baseball Research to distribute this paper.

Distribution by SABR is a form of publication. You would cite your paper on an application or resume like this: "title." The Society for American Baseball Research, Providence, date. Photocopy.

Attendance: I am required to maintain a current class roster. Announcements made in class are binding on absentees. Chronic lateness, disruptive behavior, or academic dishonesty will result in lowered grades or failing the course.



Hobby Games: The 100 Best, edited by James Lowder

Harry Hooper: An American Baseball Life, by Paul J. Zingg