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O = Oppression (Reactionary Tactics by both the Left and the Right)
U = Unrest
T = Revolutionary Tactics
R = Reforms
A = Anti-Revolutionary


Card Name and Type:

Arrests O
Bloodshed O
Censorship O
Committee of Public Safety O
Conservatism O
Counterrevolutionary Court O
Cult of the Supreme Being O
Executions O
Feuillants O
Firing Squads O
Guillotine O
Intimidation O
Ministers O
Purges O
Putting Down Insurrection O
The Reign of Terror O
Revolutionary Tribunal O
Rhetoric O
Robespierre O
State Emergency O

American Revolution U
Aspirations of the Bourgeois U
Class Divisions U
Corruption U
Declaration of the Rights of Women U
Democratic Language U
Economic Hardship U
Emigration of Noblemen U
Extreme Politicians U
Food Shortages U
Foreign War U
Girondins U
Goddess of Reason U
Governmental Impotence U
Ideological Crisis U
Impoverishment U
Increasing Population U
The Indulgents U
Inflation U
Intellectuals U
Jacobins U
Laissez-faire U
Leader Discredited U
"Let Them Eat Cake" U
Liberalism U
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity U
Low Wages U
Malcontents U
Marie Antoinette U
Montesquieu U
Naval War with America U
Parlements U
Parisian Radicals U
Political Crisis U
Reforming Aspiration U
Rents & Dues U
Revolutionary Politics U
Rising National Debt U
Rousseau U
Rumors of Treason U
Social Injustice U
The Third Estate U
Ultrarevolutionaries U
Questioning Authority U
Unequal Taxation U
Voltaire U
War with Austria U
War with England U
War with Prussia U

Civil War T
Commoners T
Coup d’etat T
Frenzied Mobs T
The Great Fear T
Intrigue T
La Marseillaise T
Lists of Grievances T
Massacres T
Nation in Arms T
Outbreak of Violence T
Overthrowing the Government T
Parisian Insurrection T
Parisian Riot T
Peasant Mob T
Pillage & Burn T
Plebiscite T
Rebellion T
Rural Revolt T
Sans-culottes T
Scapegoats T
Storming the Bastille T
Storming the Tuileries T
Street Fighting T
Student Uprising T
Women's March to Versailles T

Abolishing Feudal Institutions R
Abolition of Slavery R
Altar to Reason R
Assignats R
Centralized Government R
Civil Constitution of the Clergy R
The Convention R
Declarations R
Departements R
Destroying Feudal Dues Records R
Executive Power R
Formal Abolition R
Free Speech R
Freedom of the Press R
French Constitution R
Great Reforms R
Individual Rights R
Instrument of Reform R
Legal Equality R
Legislative Assembly R
Legislative Power R
Metric System R
Military Reforms R
Modernization R
National Assembly R
Nationalizing Church Lands R
Parliamentary Regime R
Popular Sovereignty R
Rebuild Institutions R
Religious Tolerance R
Representative Government R
Republican Constitution R
Revolutionary Calendar R
The Rights of Man R
Separation of Church & State R
Universal Male Suffrage R

Absolute Monarchy A
Aristocrat A
Catholic Clergy A
Church Sympathizers A
Declaration of Pillnitz A
The Directory A
Estates General A
Feudal Privileges A
King Louie XVI A
Landowners A
Nobility A
Papal Rejection A
Royalists A
Theocratic Absolutism A
Vendee A

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