JagdPanther Publications, which operated out of Amarillo, Texas, was known mainly for publishing JagdPanther magazine and a line of interesting wargames. One of its lesser known experiments was the newsletter Bushwhacker which was a successor to the International Confederation of Wargamers newsletter. For a history of JPP, see my article here.

The following index for issues 2-6 gives an idea of the type of material featured in Bushwhacker.

Bushwhacker #2 December 1974
-Swap and sell--ads from wargamers wishing to trade items
-Italian Order of Battle for WWII-listing of Italian units, mainly divisions, and their fates
-The Doctor is In/Out-listing of JP inventory for sale
-Notes From All Over the Place-JP and SPI news
-Rules for The Battle of the Paris Commune.
-Insert-8.5 x 11" map with CRT for Paris Commune
-Intelligence Report-wargaming industry news
-JP Pubs News-upcoming projects, a defense of their review of DNO, and other companies' items for sale
-Review of Battlewagon Salvo
-Editorial material
-Notice of Abwehr acquisition.

Bushwhacker #3 February 1975
-Editorial material and company news
-Survey-SPI style questions
-The Do-it-yourself Game Review-based on the Mad Magazine approach
-A Few Details You Should Know-mailing information
-Convention Announcement-Origins I information
-Announcement for Spanish Civil War
-Paris Commune Erratta [sic]
-Insert-France, 1940 Expansion-8.5 x 11" insert adds differential CRT and southern Alsace to the map
-Incoming Mail-letters to JP
-And From GDW-announcements for 3 of their games
-And the Rest of the World-wargame industry news
-Swap and Sell
-Intelligence Summary-wargame industry rumors
-Authors and Articles-how to contract JP authors
-Nepotism Never Hurt Anybody-short reviews of 3 game zines
-The Doctor is In/Out-JP items in stock
-Rules for adding the Expansion and two variants to France, 1940

Bushwhacker #4 March 1975
-Editorial material
-PanzerBlitz Scenario #106
-The Doctor is In/Out-JP items in stock
-Review of Stellar Conquest
-Rules for Battle of the Reich's Fortresses and counter manifest (Last Redoubt game)
-Insert-8.5 x 11" map for BRF
-Some Ideas from Andy Webber-short variants for Anzio and WWIl
-Swap and Sell
-Odds and Ends-short variants for WW3, 1914, and Bar-Lev
-Convention Announcement-Origins I information
-Magazines Received-magazine announcements
-Ads for JagdPanther #9 and Spanish Civil War

Bushwhacker #5 May 1975
-Editorial material and JP news
-Magazines Received-magazine announcements
-The Doctor is In/Out-JP items in stock
-Want Ads-formerly Swap and Sell
-Advertisement-Games for Trade
-Schutztruppe review
-Games in Preparation-various JP projects, Most never completed
-Rules for Sixth Fleet Expansion and counter manifest
-Insert-8.5 x 11" map of western Mediterranean addition for Sixth Fleet (JP 10 adds 6 navies and ground units to the game)
-Issue 3 Survey Results
-JP information and news
-Obituary for Karl H. Dortmund. Died fighting for antiIraqi Kurdish forces
-Wargame industry news
-Attention Everyone!-JP closes their PBM operation

Bushwhacker #6 July 1975
-Magazines Received-magazine announcements
-Recommended Reading In Case You Haven't-recommended current books
-Want Ads
-Battling Busses-humorous PanzerBlitz variant
-Rules and counter manifest for The Valley of the Lions (battle from Conan of Aquilonia)
-Insert-8.5 x 11" map for The Valley of the Lions
-In Our Next Issue-coming attractions from JP
-JP news
-Wargaming industry news
-North African Supply game-math oriented logistics game
-Editorial material

In addition, Issue 1 featured wargaming reviews, Issue 7 had a northern extension for Third Reich, and Issue 8 had a Remagen Bridge scenario for PanzerBlitz.

The original version of this was published originally in Simulacrum no. 27 (2007):84.