Boone's Gaming Home Page

It is always surprising to find that the megawargaming site, Web-Grognards, does not have everything related to the hobby. Even massive sites have their gaps, but fortunately, there are lots of wargame mavens ready to take up the slack. Mark Boone is one of those generous souls devoting his recreational time to referencing much of what has escaped Alan Poulter, et al.

Boone’s most important project is his indexing of most wargaming magazines. He provides an index and cover shot of each one in his database. So far, he has done, in whole or in part, Ares, The Avalon Hill General, Battleflag, Battleplan, Boardgame Journal, The Canadian Wargamers Journal, Conflict, CounterAttack, Fire & Movement, GameFix and Competitive Edge, Grenadier, Little Wars, Panzerfaust, Panzershreck, Paper Wars, Schwerpunkt, Simulacrum, Spartan Magazine, Strategy & Tactics, Wargame Design, The Wargamer (both volumes), and The VIP of Gaming. This is an ongoing project with more magazines being added on a regular basis. Considering that most of these journals are out of print, and back issues are always hard to find, this type of work is critical to documenting the hobby’s history.

Boone’s site also features the Wargame Database. This is a comprehensive list of games sorted by period and company. He provides title, publisher, date of publication, period, subject, scale, and designer information for each one. His list is not as complete as Pimper’s, but quite good none the less.

In addition, the site offers a featured game review, with the previous one available also (not back ones, though), play aids for Age of Renaissance and Pax Britannica, links, and a list of AvalonCon’s tournament winners. Finally, Boone has a military trivia contest. In the grand tradition of wargaming web contests, nothing tangible in the way of prizes is offered. It’s the site’s only disappointment.

Peter L. de Rosa

Note: The original version of this review appeared in Strategist 30 (October 1999):3, as "Boone's Gaming Page." The Strategist is the newsletter of the Strategy Gaming Society.