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Early Baseball and the Amateur Era

America before the Civil War
Sport in Antebellum America and New England
Origins of Baseball
The Abner Doubleday Myth
Alexander Cartwright and the Knickerbocker Club
The Amateur Era: The Club System, The Civil War and Baseball,
   The National Association of Base Ball Players

The First Professionals, 1869-1900

Industrialization, Urbanization, and Baseball
Harry Wright and the Cincinnati Red Stockings
The National Association of Professional Base Ball Players
The National League of Professional Baseball Clubs
Rivals: The American Association, The Tripartite Agreement, Minor Leagues and The
   National Agreement
Labor Wars: The Union Association, John Montgomery Ward and the National Brotherhood,
   The Players League
The National League Monopoly
19th Century Aspects: Albert G. Spalding, Missionary Impulses, Sportswriting and Boxscores,
   Spring Training, Segregation, Player Demography
19th Century Baseball in New England

The Dead Ball Era, 1900-1919

America in 1900
Ban Johnson and the Western League
The American League
The National Commission
Ty Cobb and Dead Ball Play
Challenges: The Baseball Player's Fraternity, The Federal League, World War I
Classic Ballparks
Minor Leagues and The National Association
The Fenway Era in New England: The Boston Red Sox--World Champions, The Miracle Braves

Baseball's Golden Age, 1920-1929

The Roaring Twenties
The Golden Age of Sport: Dempsey, Ederle, Grange, Jones, and Tilden
Babe Ruth
Legal Matters: Scandals, The Chicago Black Sox and the 1919 World Series,
   Kenesaw Mountain Landis and the Commissioner System, Antitrust
Rube Foster and the Negro National League
Beyond Organized Ball: Barnstorming, Semipro and Industrial Leagues,
   College and Amateur Ball, Outlaws
Boston Sport in the Golden Age

The Difficult Years, 1930-1945

The Roosevelt Era
Baseball in the Great Depression
The Hall of Fame
The All-Star Game
Night Baseball
The Summer of 1941: DiMaggio and Williams
Baseball at War: The 'Green Light' Order, Baseball and the Home Front, Military Baseball
A League of Their Own
Branch Rickey and the Farm System
The Negro Leagues
Boston: The Yawkey Era

Postwar Baseball, 1946-1959

Suburban America
Transportation Developments and Baseball
The Mexican Challenge
Robinson, Rickey, and Integration
The Continental Game and Relocation
Baseball and New York City: Stengel, Thomson, Mays, and 'Bums'
Problems: 1950s Baseball, Suburbia and Baseball, The Minors Collapse,
   1958: A Foothold for Football
Postwar Baseball in New England: The Red Sox in the Late 1940s,
   The Braves: 1948 and 1953, Minor Leagues

The Modern Game, 1960 to the Present

1960s America
Baseball and Society: The Sports Explosion, Civil Rights and Social Problems
Expansion: The Continental League, The Divisional System, Does Expansion Dilute Talent?
Labor Issues: Curt Flood, Marvin Miller, Messersmith and McNally,
   Free Agency's Impact, Strikes and Lockouts
The Game on the Field: Modern Play, The DH, Domes, Artificial Turf
1989: The Horrible Year
Tradition Fades in the Selig Era: The Wild Card, Interleague Play, Realignment
Revival: Ripken, McGwire and Sosa
Finances, Marketing and Moneyball
The Minors Revive: Major-Minor Relations, Fall Leagues, Independent Leagues
College Baseball
Boston: The Best and Worst of Times

The Global Game

International Sport
International Baseball
Latin America: Mexico, Cuba, Winter Leagues
The Pacific Rim: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia
Finnish Baseball
A True World Series?

Baseball and Popular Culture

Folklore, Legend, and Myth
Baseball Fiction
"Casey at the Bat" and Other Odes
The Movies and television
Popular Music
Sport History Organizations
Simulations and Games
Recreational Baseball
Baseball's Future


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