Battle of 5 Armies Scenario for Ancients

by Peter L. de Rosa

As fans of Ancients know, pretty much any pregunpowder battle can be recreated using that game. Here is an attempt to use Ancients to do the Battle of Five Armies from The Hobbit. This clash has been done several times before. For example, Gary Gygax designed a Chainmail scenario (1973) which can be found at the Playing at the World blog. In 1975, Lore did the battle in wargame style. TSR later issued a revised version. Information can be found here. Iron Crown Enterprises interpreted the clash in 1984.

Map E. Ignore the village. Treat the woods in rows M-P as hills.

Forces of Evil
Use red counters
Move first
Wargs: 4 LC 2-6
Goblins: 2 6-1 PX (ogres. move 2 hexes per turn). 15 4-2 HI. 2 2B3 MM
2 LDR. 1 Camp
Deploy all but 4 HI on or behind the line running from K1 to K5 to G7. Deploy freely.
4 HI enter on turn 3 on hexes F8 to F11
Panic: 42

Forces of Good
Move second
Use yellow counters
1 Camp at N10. Represents the Gate.
Men: 4 2-3 LI, 1 LDR. Deploy on hills H to K
Dwarves: 1 LDR, 4 4-2 HI in the O8-L10 line
Elves: 8 4-2 HI, 2 3A2 HA, 1 LDR. Deploy in hills betwwen P3 and P10.
1 LDR (Gandalf) anywhere
Eagles: 4 2-6. They ignore terrain and enter on Turn 5 on Row R.
Panic: 35

For best visual results, use Rob Quarterman's Fantasy Counters at Boardgamegeek.




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