1763: Seven Years War ends with Treaty of Paris. Pontiac's War. Proclamation of 1763. Conquest of Bengal begins. Patna Massacre.

1764: Sugar Act. Buxar seals British control of Bengal.

1765: Stamp Act. Quartering Act. Stamp Act Congress.

1766: Stamp Act Repeal. Declaratory Act.

1767: Townshend Duties. First Mysore War (1767-1769) opens.

1768: Cook begins circumnavigating the globe. Finishes in 1771.

1769: Virginia Resolves.

1770: Boston Massacre. Repeal of Townshend Duties. Anglo-Spanish Falklands dispute. Galvez's campaign against the Apaches (1770-1771) starts.

1771: Mysore-Hyderabad War.

1772: Gaspee burned. Committees of Correspondence. Britain defends Bihar against Bhutan. First Polish Partition. Cook explores the South Pacific (1772-1775).

1773: Tea Act. Boston Tea Party. Regulating Act in India. Rohilla campaign (1773-1774).

1774: Coercive Acts. Quebec Act. 1st Continental Congress. Spain commences war with Algiers (1774-1775).

1775: Lexington and Concord. Ticonderoga. 2nd Continental Congress. Bunker Hill. First Maratha War (1775-1782) begins. Quebec Campaign. Spanish expedition to Alaska.

1776: Common Sense. British leave Boston. Declaration of Independence. British take New York in Long Island, and Westchester campaigns. American operations against the Cherokees. Trenton. France and Spain give financial help to revolutionaries. Cook expedition visits Hawaii and looks for Northwest Passage (1776-1780).

1777: Princeton. Saratoga. Brandywine. British take Philadelphia. Germantown. Spain supplies Fort Pitt via Ohio River. Articles of Confederation adopted. Valley Forge winter.

1778: France enters war and recognizes American independence. British evacuate Philadelphia. Monmouth. Wyoming Valley sets off frontier warfare in New York and Pennsylvania. Savannah and Augusta fall to British. France stalemated at Ushant. Takes Dominica but not Newport. Carlisle Commission offers colonies dominion status. British take Chandernagore, Mahe, St. Pierre, Miquelon, Pondicherry, and St. Lucia. Clark opens the Northwest campaign. New Orleans supplies him. War of the Bavarian Succession (1778-1779) begins.

1779: US Campaigns against Iroquois. Savannah. British evacuate Newport. French take St. Vincent, Grenada, and Senegal. Defeat at Wargoam halts British operations near Poona. Spain enters war and takes Manchac, Baton Rouge and Natchez. Siege of Minorca (1779-1782) opens. Spain explores Alaska. Maria Theresa offers to mediate the war.

1780: Charleston. South Carolina fighting. Camden. King's Mountain. Russia forms League of Armed Neutrality. Britain declares war on Netherlands. Spain takes Mobile, Campeche, Honduras and Mosquito Coast. Britain invades Maratha domains. Second Mysore War (1780-1784) begins. Mysore invades Carnatic and seizes Arcot and Pondicherry. British counterattack recovers much territory. Gordon Riots. King George's supporters win Parliamentary elections. Siege of Gibraltar (1780-1783) begins.

1781: Cowpens. Guilford Court House. Hobkirks Hill. Eutaw Springs. Cornwallis's Virginia Campaign. Chesapeake Capes. Yorktown. Articles of Confederation ratified. British take St. Eustatius, Saba, St. Barthlemy, St. Martin, the Gold Coast, Negapatan, and Surinam. Porto Praya saves the Cape Colony, but Dutch lose at Dogger Bank. France takes Tobago and frees St. Eustatius. Second Ushant. Spain seizes Pensacola and St. Joseph. British defeat Mysore at Porto Novo, Pollicore and Sholingur.

1782: Lord North resigns after losing a key vote. Replaced by the Marquis of Rockingham first, then the Earl of Shelburne. British forces evacuate the Carolinas and Georgia. Britain seizes Trincomalee and invades western Mysore. Spain takes the Bahamas and Minorca. France captures St. Kitts, Nevis, Montserrat, and Hudson's Bay, and expels Britain from Saba, St. Barthlemy, St. Martin and Surinam. Les Saintes frustrates Franco-Spanish plans for Jamaican invasion. Suffren's Indian Ocean campaign helps France take Cuddalore and Trincomalee. Treaty of Salbai ends the Maratha War.

1783: Shelburne quits. Replaced by the Duke of Portland then William Pitt, the Younger. British fail to seize Cuddalore, but occupy Mangalore and Bednor temporarily. Treaty of Paris ends the war.


Books that treat the American Revolution as a world war include R. Ernest Dupuy, et al., The American Revolution: A Global War, Don Higginbotham, The War of American Independence, and James L. Stokesbury, A Short History of the American Revolution.

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