5-Player Scenario Instructions

The rules provide for an optional fifth player representing John Calhoun, who considered running for President in 1824 before deciding to go for Vice President. He gets South Carolina as a safe state, and 5 intrinsic PSFs in North Carolina. He moves first, before Crawford, and gets 10 PSFs per turn.

This issue provides a Game Sheet and Scoresheet for that scenario. Use the Electoral College Vote Chart and the House of Representatives Voting Chart from the standard game.

Modify the House of Representatives rules as follows:

If no candidate wins an Electoral College majority, then the election is decided in the House of Representatives as happened historically. The two players with the lowest number of ECVs are eliminated. The remaining three players cast votes for the states they have won in the election. Each state casts one vote in the House. You need a majority of these to win the election.

The eliminated players casts their states' votes for any of the other three candidates.

Alternatively, a group may allocate the eliminated players's votes automatically. If Clay is eliminated, his states vote for Adams. If Adams is out, then Clay's votes go to Crawford.
If Adams is eliminated, his states vote for Clay. If Clay is gone also, then they go for Crawford.
Calhoun's states go to Jackson first, and then Crawford.
If Crawford is out, his eastern states (Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont) go to Adams first, then Clay if Adams is also out. His western states (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Ohio) support Clay first, Jackson second, and the southern ones (all the rest) go to Jackson first, then Calhoun.
Jackson states support Crawford first, and then Calhoun if Crawford is gone.

Otherwise, regular rules apply.

The standard 4-player scenario is in the Fall 2002 issue.



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