Second World War Scenario Chronology

Turn 1 (1931-1934)

1931: Japan invades Manchuria
1933: Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. Demands revision of Versailles
1933: Germany withdraws from League of Nations
1933: Four Power Pact: Britain, France, Italy, Germany
1934: Nazi coup in Austria fails

Turn 2 (1935)

1935: Saar returns to Germany
1935: Hitler announces German rearmament and creation of the Luftwaffe
1935: Stresa Conference: Britain, France, Italy
1935: Soviet treaties with France and Czechoslovakia
1935: Anglo-German Naval Agreement
1935: First USA Neutrality Act
1935: Italy invades Ethiopia

Turn 3 (1936)

1936: Germany remilitarizes the Rhineland. Italy and West protest
1936: Ethiopian war ends
1936: Spanish Civil War begins
1936: Rome-Berlin Axis
1936: German-Japanese Anti-Comintern Pact

Turn 4 (1937)

1937: Anglo-Italian Mediterranean Treaty
1937: Hitler repudiates War Guilt Clause (Article 231) in Treaty of Versailles
1937: Britain makes military guarantees to France and Belgium
1937: Japan invades China
1937: Sudeten Germans demand autonomy
1937: Italy joins Anti-Comintern Pact. Leaves League of Nations

Turn 5 (1938)

1938: France reaffirms commitments to Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia
1938: Anschluss
1938: USSR reguarantees France and Czechoslovakia. Signs treaty with Romania
1938: Hitler mobilizes military and demands self-determination for the Sudetenland
1938: Hitler claims Sudetenland, but promises it is his last territorial demand in Europe
1938: Munich Conference. Czech land given to Germany, Poland, and Hungary

Turn 6 (1939-1940)

1939: Hitler demands return of Danzig
1939: Prague Crisis. Britain renounces guarantees to Czechoslovakia
1939: Germany acquires Memel from Lithuania
1939: Spanish Civil War ends. Franco joins Anti-Comintern Pact
1939: Britain and France guarantee Poland
1939: Italy invades Albania
1939: Poland rejects German demands for Danzig and Polish Corridor rights
1939: Hitler-Stalin Pact divides Eastern Europe
1939: September 1: World War II starts with German invasion of Poland
1939: September 3: Britain and France declare war on Germany
1940: Germany and USSR divide Poland
1940: Soviets occupy Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and invade Finland

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