Politics is always a good topic for heated discussion, but it's seldom fun. The aim of this game is to present a playable version of the policy making process, as an entertaining and educative way to talk about politics. In Powerplay players attempt to promote their preferred policies while others oppose them using political strategies, resources and events to do so.

Note that this game is still under test and is looking for players to provide feedback and suggestions to Peter Chen. This page will be updated as the game is developed and players who provide feedback placed on a mailing list when the game is updated, as well as getting their names credited in the rules.

Current Version is: v0.1

Get the Game

The game is provided free on this page:

For those experiencing difficulties printing these files (they tend to be on the larger side of printing on A4 and some printers might have problems with them), drop me a note and we can organise something.

I look forward to seeing your comments.

Comments, Bugs, Additions: Peter Chen
© 1999 Peter Chen

Peter Chen is a PhD student in the Department of Political Science at the Australian National University. He is currently completing his thesis comparing analytical models for the evaluation of group intermediation in the Australian Federal political environment.



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