About Academic Gaming Review

Academic Gaming Review is edited and published by Peter L. de Rosa. Issues appear annually.
This issue presents Old World, a game on intercontinental interaction.
All issue content is Copyright, 2009 by Peter L. de Rosa. All rights reserved.

Designers' Guidelines

AGR publishes all types of freeware, shareware, and charityware games and simulations suitable for high school and college classroom use. If you are a designer and this type of publication interests you, contact the editor and include:

Games should be submitted electronically. Submission of your game to AGR grants AGR the nonexclusive right to publish your game in an issue and to retain it in the journal's archive. You also agree to let teachers use your game for nonprofit, educational use. You retain all other rights to the game. Publishing your game in AGR can help you publicize your game, get useful feedback, promote your web site, and enhance your credentials file.

Should you find a commercial publisher for your game, or if you decide to publish it yourself, your game will be removed from the archives at your request. It will be replaced with a description of the game and a link to the relevant web site.

AGR is also seeking articles on using classroom games, course materials, and game reviews.



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