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BS and MS, Electrical Engineering, MIT, 1958

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Purdue University, 1961




Dr. Joseph had 29 years experience at TRW before retiring in March 1991.   In his initial assignments at TRW, he was responsible for the development of the ascent  guidance software for the Atlas-Agenas which were used to launch Ranger (the first spacecraft to land on the moon), Mariner, OGO. and the Gemini target vehicle.   This software contained the first Kalman filter to be used for aerospace applications.


As a department manager, he supervised the development of the guidance software for the Apollo Lunar Module Abort Guidance System and for Minuteman III.   Later, as the manager of the Guidance and Navigation Laboratory, Dr. Joseph managed all TRW guidance and navigation activities on such programs as Minuteman, Peacekeeper, Centaur, Atlas and Atlas-Agena.


After managing several classified programs, Dr. Joseph became an Operations Manager in 1982.   He managed operations of as many as 800 people.   These Operations were responsible for successful lines of business in Army Command and Control, Air Force Avionics Software Maintenance, Air Force Information Systems and Air Force Command Centers.  


Since retiring from TRW, Dr. Joseph has been consulting with various companies on satellite attitude control system problems: for Orbital Sciences Corp. on ORBCOMM, for Westinghouse on COMET, and for TRW on STEP.




Dr. Joseph is the author of 5 technical papers on optimal control theory and is the co-author with R.S. Bucy of the book "Filtering of Stochastic Processes with Application to Guidance".


This site has tutorials on Kalman filters and chess