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This is Shamus, a dependant ball of fur we rescued from the pound. Below are some additional photos of Shamus doing what he does best. . .

Sleeping under the mailbox

A mouse is a tasty dessert!

Charla and her owner


In May of 1996, Shamus had a serious run-in with a car, and lost. He had a broken palate, a broken jaw and a serious concussion. He's made a 99.44+% recovery so far, but there were some very rocky days when we were convinced he'd remain a potato, or worse. The vetrenarians did wonders in patching him back up. Click Here to see his X-RAYS .

We moved accross town in the summer of 1997, and now Shamus has an acre and a half to explore. He seems to have adapted quite well, and climbs trees all day long....that is, when he's not catching gophers! In the years since his accident, he's made nearly a 100 percent recovery.

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