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There's not much to say, really. At least not much I think you’d be interested in. .

I'm a California native, born and raised in Livermore, which is on the far eastern fringe of the San Francisco Bay Area (See Map).

I spent a few years in Davis, chasing after my BS in Civil Engineering at the University of California at Davis and working at the Corps of Engineer's Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC).

After graduation, I spent a summer in Deutschland, visiting the relatives, seeing the sights and practicing my German. Charla, my then fiancee, joined me for a spell and we traveled through Denmark to Legoland!

I returned to my new home in Martinez, California, where I work for the Contra Costa County Public Works Department.

Martinez, by the way, was the home to John Muir, and now has the John Muir National Historic Site. It's well worth a visit.

By the way, my fiancee did become my wife, but Charla is too shy to have her own web page. The cat, however, is not. See the Shamus Page.

A few years back, we moved across town into a place with lots of potential, but needed some serious updating. What an adventure! Now we've got "home-improvement" chores that will last us for years to come. The best part is that our place has some acerage, so Robert and Shamus have plenty of room to roam!

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