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(Players in GREEN are currently Free Agents and players in BLUE are eligible to file for Free Agency during the 15 days following the conclusion of the World Series)
(Players in Green w/ (option declined) tags are eligible to file for Free Agency also after the WS concludes)
(Players in Green w/ (Team/Player/Mutual Option) tags filed for free agency conditionally, just in case their option was declined)
(Players in BOLD= marquee FA's)
(When a player files for free agency, he grants himself the rights of a free agent and is also removed from a team's 25 and/or 40-man roster)

207 free agents are on the market! Let the bidding wars begin!

Players currently Designated for Assignment:
(Their team has 10 days from designation, removed from 40-man roster, to trade, release, or outright player to minors, if player accepts- if released team still has to pay contract)
Roy Corcoran

Einar Diaz
Robert Machado
Mike DiFelice
A.J. Hinch
Bobby Estaella
Gary Bennett
Pat Borders
Tim Laker
Ramon Castro
Sandy Alomar Jr. (option declined)
Jason Varitek
Doug Mirabelli
Todd Greene
Gregg Zaun
Kelly Stinett
Mike Redmond
John Flaherty
Damian Miller
Dan Wilson
Brook Fordyce
Greg Myers
Brent Mayne
Todd Hundley
Todd Pratt
Henry Blanco
Mike Matheny
Chris Widger
Keith Osik
Ken Huckaby
Paul Bako
Javier Valentin
First Base/DH:
Ron Coomer (Retired)
Steve Cox
Fred McGriff
Eric Karros (Retired)
Randall Simon
Jose Leon
Shawn Wooten
Carlos Guzman
Jose Offerman
Andy Tracy
Travis Lee
David McCarty
Brian Buchanan
John Olerud
Robert Fick
David Segui
Ellis Burks (expected to retire)
Juilio Franco
Tony Clark
Eric Karros(Retired)
Dave Hansen
Edgar Martinez(Retired)
Tino Martinez
Brad Fullmer
Carlos Delgado
Greg Colbrunn
Richie Sexson
Wil Cordero
Robin Ventura(Retired)
Olmedo Saenz
Mo Vaughn
Andres Galaragga
Morgan Burkhart
Ruben Sierra
Second Base:
Jeff Reboulet
Keith Lockhart
John Valentin
Adam Riggs
Tony Womack
Jeff Kent
Mark Grudzielanek
Donnie Sadler
Placido Polanco
Pokey Reese
Enrique Wilson
Miguel Cairo
Eric Young
Dave Berg
Warren Morris
Manny Alexander
Roberto Alomar
Carlos Baerga
Todd Walker
Ricky Gutierrez
Denny Hocking
Juan Castro
Damion Easley
Third Base:
Fernando Tatis
Chris Stynes
Jeff Cirillo
Joe Randa
Troy Glaus
Shane Halter
Tony Batista
Corey Koskie
Herbert Perry
Vinny Castilla
Mike Mordecai
Adrian Beltre
Todd Zeile (Retired)
Lenny Harris
Mark McLemore (expected to Retire)
Mike Bordick
Pat Meares
Rey Ordonez
Luis Lopez
Omar Vizquel
Craig Counsell
Christian Guzman
Lou Merloni
Wilson Delgado
Andy Fox
Royce Clayton
Nomar Garciaparra
Jose Valentin
Desi Relaford
Rich Aurillia
Rey Sanchez
Chris Gomez
Alex S. Gonzalez
Barry Larkin
Wilton Guerrero
Jose Vizcaino
Orlando Cabrera
Jose Hernandez
Edgar Renteria
Benji Gil
Ramon Martinez
Left Field:
Kendry Morales (Agent David Valdes)
Rickey Henderson(Agent Jeff Borris)
Chris Richard
Rontrez Johnson
Henry Rodriguez
Mark Quinn
Ruben Mateo
Hiram Bocachica
Moises Alou
Rusty Greer
Marty Codova
Quinton McCracken
Ricky Ledee
Ray Lankford
Dave Dellucci
Todd Hollandsworth
Orlando Palmeiro
Bubba Trammell
Center Field:
Ruben Rivera
Chris Singelton
Eugene Kingsale
Calvin Murray
Midre Cummings
Dee Brown
Gerald Williams
Carlos Beltran
Steve Finley
Tom Goodwin
Doug Glanville
Eric Owens
Right Field:
Orlando Merced
Jeffrey Hammonds
Raul Mondesi
Karim Garcia
John Mabry
Juan Gonzalez
John Vander Wal (Retired)
Jacob Cruz
Jermaine Dye
Jeromy Burnitz
Magglio Ordonez
Brian Jordan
B.J. Surhoff
Gape Kapler
Ben Grieve
Richard Hidalgo (Option declined)
JD Drew
Danny Bautista
Darren Bragg
Mark Sweeney

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John Burkett(Retired)
Jimmy Haynes
Jose Mercedes
Garret Stephenson
Gene Stechshulte
James Baldwin
Robert Person
Nelson Cruz
Jeff D'Amico
Joey Hamilton
Rick Helling(Retired)
Paul Abbott
Aaron Myette
Elmer Dessens
Matt Kinney
Adam Bernero
Chris Gissell
Denny Stark
Nick Neugebauer
Aaron Sele
Andy Ashby
Todd Ritchie
Doug Brocail
Derek Lowe
Pedro Martinez
Esteban Loaiza
Kevin Appier
Brad Radke
Orlando Hernandez
Jon Lieber
Kevin Jarvis
Paul Byrd
Pat Hengten(Retired)
Shane Reynolds
Steve Sparks
Russ Ortiz
Matt Clement
Jimmy Haynes
Cory Lidle
Carl Pavano
Roger Clemens(may retire)
Kevin Millwood
Kris Benson
Jaret Wright
Chris Carpenter(Team Option)
Jose Lima
Matt Morris
Woody Williams
Ismael Valdez
Dustin Hermanson
Paul Wilson
Pedro Astacio
Steve Avery
Randy Keisler
Omar Daal
Shawn Estes
Glendon Rusch
Ron Villone
John Halama
Darren Oliver
Wilson Alvarez
Dennys Reyes
Al Leiter (Mutual Option)
Eric Milton
Sterling Hitchcock(Retired)
David Wells
Odalis Perez
Grame Lloyd
Lance Painter
Mark Guthrie
Jesus Sanchez
Nick Bierbrodt
Mike Matthews
Eddie Oropesa
Chris Hammond
Vic Darrensbourg
Jeff Fassero
Buddy Groom
Valerio de Los Santos
Kent Mercker
John Franco
Rheal Cormier
Steve Kline
Jason Christiansen
Terry Muholland
Gabe White
Mike Myers
Darren Holmes(Rehab)
Mark Wholers
Ariel Preito
Mike Crudale
Trey Hodges (Japan)
Matt Bruback
Russ Springer
Brandon Villafeurte
Turk Wendell
Willis Roberts
Mike Jackson
Ben Weber
Dave Veres
Juan Padilla
Scott Service
Jay Witasick
Dan Smith
Nelson Figueroa
Brian Powell
Mark Corey
Tim Drew
Eric Junge
Steve Reed
Aaron Small
C.J. Nitkowski
Al Levine
Mike DeJean
Rick White
David Weathers
Ricky Bottalico
Rameiro Mendoza
Jose Parra
Grant Roberts
Jamey Wright
Scott Williamson
Danny Patterson
Esteban Yan
Curtis Leskanic
Jeff Nelson
Jay Powell
Terry Adams
Antonio Alfonseca
Jim Mecir (may retire)
Chad Fox
Dan Miceli
Paul Shuey
Roberto Hernandez
Brian Boehringer
Cal Eldred
Antonio Osuna
Mike Fetters
Todd Jones
Todd Van Poppel
Rod Beck
Dave Burba
Josias Manzanillo
John Wasdin
Rudy Seanez
Mike Williams
Bob Wickman
Billy Koch
Troy Percival
Jeff Zimmerman
Armando Benitez
Matt Mantei
Rocky Biddle (Rehab)
Robb Nen

Free Agency Rules:
  • Must have 6 full years of Major League service time to be eligble for free agency (both Disabled-List and Active Roster time count for serivce) (1 year of service is equal to 162 games)
  • The players contract must also expire for him to be eligible for Free Agency
  • Players can not sign with other teams then their own until after the 15-Day Period following the conclusion of the World Series. During the 15 days they can negotiate with their previous team and if an agreement is not reached, that player can file for Free Agency.
  • Sometime between Dec. 18 and Dec. 22 players who are not arbitration eligible, cannot re-sign with their old teams until May 15 of the next year.  
  • Players who are offered arbitartion can re-sign till Januray 8th. On this day they must declare whether they accept or reject arbitration. If he accepts arbitartion he has re-signed with his old team can still can sign a deal with that team before his arbitartion hearing. If he goes into arb., the single year contract value is decided by an MLB arbitartor
  • An un-signed player who has at least 3 years of service time is also eligble for arbitartion. The top 1 third of players as determined by their statistics are also be eligble for arbitration. Players are arb.-eligible again in there 4th and 5th years of service, if he does not have a multi-year contract and meets requirmentss. A player with 2 years of service time, if an arbitrator deems the player a Super-Two. This usually happens if a player has  been a starter for his first two seasons and his stats resembles those of the top players at that position.
  • A minor league player who has spent the previous six years with the same organization is also eligbile for minor league free agency. A player that has six years of minor league service, with various teams, is also deemed a six-year Minor League FA.
  • At the end of each year each free agent is dubbed a Type A or Type B or Type C depending on their stats with Type A free agents being at the top third of the stats that MLB uses. A team that loses a Type A free agent is compensated with the 1st round pick of the team that signs him. This team also gets a supplemental or sandwich pick between rounds 1 and 2. A team losing a Type B free agent is simply compensated with the highest player that is signed. For instance if Team A signs X and O but only O who was picked in the 2nd round was signed. Team B would only get Player O not X.  But in both cases a team selecting in the 1st half of the 1st round cannot lose its 1st round pick. Teams that lose Type C free agents are compensated with a sandwich pick between rounds 2 and 3.
    • Player Rankings (Type A, B, C, none) for all MLB players, including FAs to determine what type of compensation a team receives as described above

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