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These are some questions I get asked frequently and some answers to questions I'm guessing visitors think about. For answers to other questions or for more further information, please e-mail me.

What was the purpose of this site?
Originally, I created the site to provide news for all the teams, from there it kept growing with more information. I myself wanted player contract and Free Agent info, the main reason 80% of visitors come here for. Unfortunately, sites like these:, have gone without updates. I slowly kept finding new info and am adding it for the benefit of fans throughout the league, like myself. And keep visiting more and more in the future.
When was this site created?
It was created during the summer of 2003. I hope to keep updating for at least 5 or 6 more years and hopefully by then, more sites like mine will have popped up and sites like will have the same info for all fans to see all year around.
How often is the site updated?
It is updated daily sometime between 3:00 and 8:00 PM Pacific time (I reside in San Diego). And on weekends it is updated between 10-12 AM. Once in while, the site will go un-updated for a couple days while I'm out and about, so don't worry. I'll keep it up-to-date, as long as possible. Server problems could also keep me from updating it once in a while. The same goes with me answering your e-mails, you should get a reply sometime between those hours.
Why the long page load times?
Images can slow down page load times and thus this site is best viewed with Mozilla FireFox and a Cable, DSL or Broadband Modem or Cable. Images are put in throughout the site as a resource and guide to easily recognize a player, as well as help identify a player. In the future, I will likely make a image-less site for those with slow internet. Also, at lest on my browser, sometimes pages don't immeadiately load, but when I Refresh the page a couple times, the webpage pops up in a heartbeat. I'm not sure what keeps it from loading the first time.
Where is the contract information from?
Contract info for deals signed before the 2003 season were acquired from . But, for all the deals signed since I compile info from SportsTicker, Associated Press and other Wire Reports. Also, additional information is added, when I pass by something, somewhere on the internet or in a newspaper. If you notice, or here of a clause in a player's contract, that I have not mentioned, please let me know, for the benefit of others.
Where is the Free Agent info from?
Some come from, Kenny Bumbaco's valid list at and other names, come from various sources and reports, of which I guarantee at lest 90% are completely credible.
Is this site copyrighted?
This site is not copyrighted, and I allow the reprinting of any info, as long as it refers back to Unofficial Major League Baseball.
Do you make a profit?
This site and all the information is absolutely free. I do not put any advertisements and or pop-ups on this site, however in visiting external sites, such as the site search and forum, you may encounter pop-ups.
What will be added in the future?
I am thinking to find an expert for every team, and have the experts give me information on teams, so I can create team pages, with information that sites like do not provide.
What do I want from you?
If you see anything on this site, that looks out of place or wrong, please let me know, I'll double-check the info, and fix info as needed. If you think of something I should add, let me know. If you find information, that can be useful like contract info that isn't listed or some cool fact, please pas it along.
Where do you get the rumors?
For the rumors, I just use the newspaper reader websites like and, which have exceprts from newspapers around the country.
I just condense the info and take out irrelevant info, so you don't have to read all the paragrpahs, making it quick and easy. I also had rumors I hear and see on other sites like or etc. and put them all together in one location for you.
If you want more questions here, ALSO let me know!

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