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Moving trading deadline to Mid-Aug. being discussed at GM Meetings!

Ricky Henderson called the Red Sox clubhouse Thursday looking for tickets for Saturday's sixth game. Told there was no game, Henderson asked, "Why?" OK. In 1980, Ricky asked an Oakland teammate, "How long will it take me to drive to the Dominican?" Really
-Peter Gammons

Offseason Team Needs:
Anaheim: 3B, CF, SP,SS, possibly 2B for half of year for injured Kennedy (13M+ to spend) Expected Payroll: 95-105M
Arizona: SS, OF, SP Expected Payroll: TBD
Atlanta: SP, possibly CL, vet RP, corner OF Expected Payroll: 82M Money to spend: 4M
Baltimore: 1B, possibly C, possibly CL, SP, power OF
Boston: SS, SP, possibly C
Chicago: SS, RP, CL, Corner OF, 2B
Chicago White Sox: RF, SS, SP
Cincinnati: SP, RP, SS
Cleveland: CL, SP, Middle INFs,
Colorado: CL, 3B, OF, SP Expected Payroll: 70M
Detroit: SP, possibly CL
Florida: C, possibly 3B, SP
Houston: possibly 2B, SP, RP, possibly OF 
Kanas City: RP, power OF, vet 3B
Los Angeles: C, possibly 3B, OF for half of the year for injured Werth
Milwaukee: OF, 3B, C, vet. SP Expected Payroll: TBD
Minnesota: possibly 3B and SS, SP Expected Payroll: 54-55M
New York Mets: SP, OF, possibly 1B/C, possibly 3B
New York Yankees: SP, OF, 2B, Expected Payroll: As much as they want
Oakland: Power OF Bat, 2B, RP, C
Philadelphia:  SP, 2B, RP, bench, OF (mainly CF) Expected Payroll: 88M
Pittsburgh: 1B, OF, SP and RP
San Diego: SP, CF, RPs, bench Expected Payroll: 65M
San Francisco: SP, RP, Defense, Speed,  power SS and/or OF Expected Payroll: 80M
Seattle: Middle of order bat, 1B, 3B
St. Louis: maybe manager, 2B, possibly SS, RP and SP, possibly C Expected Payroll: 85-90M
Tampa Bay: 1B, SP, RP,
Texas: SP, C, possibly SS (15M to spend)
Toronto: 1B, RP, SP, possibly C, possibly 3B
Washington: 3B, SS, P Expected Payroll: 45M (could be slightly higher w/ new owner)

Note: Newest Player rumors listed on top, with oldest on bottom
Keiichi Yabu- CLE is inetrested in the Japanese SP
Julio Lugo, Aubrey Huff, Jose Cruz, Danys Baez and Toby Hall- all have been put on the market by the Rays
Mike Matheny- Cards keeping by their 1-year 3Mish offer, btu will likely have to give him a multi-year deal to bring him back....Phillies and Reds interested meaning Jason LaRue and Mike Liberthal are on the market
Russ Ortiz- isn't getting as much pub as some guys to his lackluster numbers but around 9 teams are interested
Austin Kearns and Adam Dunn- Reds are willing to move one of them for pitching and the Padres and Royals should be interested
Eric Gagne- reportedly the Cubs are trying to trade for him and are willing to give up one of their big 3 (Zambrano, Wood, Prior) in return, but the Dodgers are refusing to let Gagne go]
Matt Riley and Erik Bedard- the Orioles have received several inquiries about the lefties and they are inexpensive trade bait
Mark Sweeney- Padres are interested and have talked with his agent and Sweeney wants to return to SD
Johan Santana- likely to be offered a 3-year deal worth 20M from the Twins, which he could decline since he could get 6M from arb. this year and 9M next year and even more when he becomes a FA after 2006
Ryan Howard- the slugging 1B prospect is being sought after by several teams, but his trade price is high..Mariners among those interested
Cliff Floyd- Mets trying to deal him...Cubs a possibilty
Joe Randa- D-Rays interested
Mike DeJean- wants to return to the Mets
Jay Payton- Padres are shopping him and the Red Sox and A's are interested...he could be traded to OAK for Arthur Rhodes
Carl Crawford and Rocco Badelli- Tampa continues to refuse to trade either
Ryan Freel- being sought after by several teams including the Phillies and the Padres
Dave Roberts- likely to be traded by the Red Sox...Phillies, Padres and Reds should be in the market
Vinny Castilla- wants to return to COL...could be a fit in KC...wants in excess of 3M on a 1-year deal
Charles Johnson- being shopped by COL....a possible deal that would send Chan Ho Park to COL for Denny Neagle and either Preston Wilson or CJ may be being discussed...Devil Rays considering him
Mike Piazza- LA and NYM have discussed deal that would send him to LA for Shawn Green
Armando Benitez- Marlins and his agents have begun talking ...CLE will likely offer him a deal on Friday
Ismael Valdez- Marlins want to bring him back
Eric Hinske- CIN could be interested in trading for him
Jack Wilson- Pirates have begin working on a 2-year extension
Shane Spencer- could go to KC
Damion Easley- Marlins and his agent are talking, but wants to test the market...has been offered a 1-year deal for 500K from the Marlins
Damian Miller- unlikely to return to the A' seeking a 3-Year deal worth 9-10M deal or 3M a year....Henry Blanco or Brent Mayne could be one-year options at C for the A's....ChiSox interested
Dan Wilson- ChiSox interested
Rich Aurilia- Arizona interested..same with the Cubs
Tino Martinez- Tampa working to re-sign him to a cheaper than 8M deal...Mets interested
Jose Lima- Dodgers want him back and he wants to go back...Padres have shown lots of interest and have contacted his agent
Odalis Perez- Dodgers want him back....a fallback option to Eric Milton for Yankees
Steve Finley- the Dodgers and the D-Backs want to re-sign him....Phils and Padres interested....Pods' GM thinks he will stay with LA...Giants, ANgels and Orioles also in the mix
Jorge Posada- Yankees will use him as trade bait for pitchers, possibly Hudson or RJ....Jorge does not have a no-trade clause...Jasons Kendall and V-tek could be replacements for Jorge
Todd Helton- while it is unlikely COL would trade him, the Yankees could use him and the Rocks have bad enough scouts to likely Yankee prospects
Gape Kapler- while he should look elsewhere for a starting job, the Sox would welcome him back as a bench player
Billy Koch- Mets interested
Chris Woodward- Mets interested in signing him to the bench
Ray Durham- the Yankees could use him and the Giants could do without him
Al Leiter- Mets may try to re-sign him, but if not the Yankees are likely to offer him a contractmesa
Shawn Green- if Mets lose out on Sosa, Beltran etc., he could be an option..........a trade Green for Sosa will be discussed by LA and CHI at the GM Meetings
Tory Glaus- Seattle will be among teams interested in his services... will not return the Angels...Dodgers, Braves and supposedly the BoSox will have interest
Corey Koskie- should draw interest from SEA, Angels and Blue Jays, LA and Tigers....has talked with the Jays, but they will not sign anyone till after Dec. 7th, so they don't lose draft picks....will likely get 3-year 15M deal
Ron Belliard- The Indians can non-tender him, trade him or sign him to an extension...they could also go with Casey Blake at 2B or sign a Todd Walker type
J.D. Drew- unlikely to return to ATL..Cubs, Yankees and Mets will have interest should they lose out on Magglio or Beltran
Barry Zito- if he's the one out of the big 3 that gets traded then Yanks, Mets, Rangers, Orioles and Blue Jays will have interest
Ryan Klesko- Padres want to dump his salary and could use Sean Burroughs as bait in a trade....Pods still like Jason Kendall and Klesko could be swapped for him...says there's only a 10% chance he would waive his No-Trade clause...Seattle is interested but only if they also get Sean Burroughs, which seems unlikely, and the Padres take Scott Spiezio
Kris Benson- wants to re-sign with the Mets...talks have stopped as the Mets search for a manager
B.J. Surhoff- Orioles would like to bring him back on a small deal once again
Buddy Groom- O's haven't decided whether to decline his option or not, but if it is declined they could sign him at cheaper than 3M price
David Segui- will not return to the O's...may retire
Omar Daal- will not return to the O's
Kevin Millwood- probably wants a multi-year contract now..Cardinals could be in the running
Manny Ramirez- although it's a longshot for him to traded, the Mets want his bat
Jon Lieber- Yankees still want him back...Red Sox, Blue Jays, Orioles, Indians and Twins  and Rangers are interested....likely to received a 2-year deal worth 10-12M
Jason Varitek- Sox want to make him the face of the team...Dodgers also interested...Agent Scott Boras wants a 5-year deal w/ No-Trade clause that pays him as one of the elite catchers in MLB
Edgar Renteria- Cards will try to bring him back...Red Sox, Cubs and several others interested, including Angels and White Sox
Carlos Delgado- Mariners, Jays and Orioles and Dodgers will be aoming the bidders..Marlins and Mets could show up in the bidding- Wants to play with the Orioles and are at the top of his list as he is also at the top of their list
Jose Valentin- will not return to the Sox..lots of teams are looking for a SS and tons are avaliable
Roger Clemens- now says he is 99% retired, and leaning toward not returning to baseball
Jeff Kent- despite having his option declined for 2005, Astros would like to negotiate a new less pricey deal...Cards like him and Placido Polanco
Royce Clayton- will not return to COL...ARI interested
Jeromy Burntiz- will not return to COL
Kendry Morales- defected Cuban slugger is in heavy negotiations with the Indians
Carlos Beltran-  ...Angels, Cubs, Yankees, Mariners, Astros, Orioles and Phillies and about a dozen others interested....wants a 10-year deal
Jay Gibbons- with re-signing of Raffy Palmeiro, he becomes expendable and thus is likely to be non-tendered or avaliable via trade
Randy Johnson- it's unknown whether the D-Backs want to trade him or not, he's the only reason they can sell tickets....Dodgers, Angels, Yankees and Cardinals are interested..White Sox are interested but since they can't afford him, they will probably turn around and trade him..Yanks could swap Javier Vazquez for RJ...Cardinals could also use him and they have the pitching prospects D-Backs need..............a 3-way deal that would send RJ to the Bronx, Jorge Posada to OAK and Mark Redman and prospects to ARI is being discussed............still wants out of ARI...White Sox have offered Jon Garland and Paul Konerko, but RJ would likely reject a trade to CHI
Byung-Hyun Kim- Sox are working to trade him to a team in the Japanese League...he would have to agree to trade and a new contract with the team, instead of the 6M he's scheduled to make...A deal with the Chiba Lotte Mariners managed by Bobby Valentine has apparently fallen through
Tim Hudson- The A's will have to decide whether to trade thre righty or re-sign him to long-term contract so he doesn't run away for more money when he becomes free agent after 2005...he'd be a great fit for the Yankees...out of Mulder, Hudson or Zito, one will be traded
Cory Lidle- Phillies expected to offer him a contract or at least contact him to re-sign
Orlando Cabrera- Red Sox are expected to to try to re-sign, but the DC Team to be Named Later may try to re-sign the SS they traded at the deadline, while they groom prspect Macier Izturis....Cubs, Mets and Cards will be interested if they can't re-sign their guys...White Sox and Angels and Rangers intersted
Steve Kline- after being left off the playoff roster, in spite of his injury, was very ticked and said it may have sealed the deal for any chance of him returning to STL...he's the top FA lefty avaliable...he should command the same 1.5M+ he made this year...NYY should be interested
Pokey Reese- while the Red Sox would like to re-sign him for just next year, the Reds, his former and hometown team have interest and he would accept the hometown discount and offer
Shawn Chacon- being shopped by Colorado...a Jorge Julio for Chacon deal was turned down by BAL....Phillies, Cubs, Rangers, Devil Rays and Expos are interested......a deal is likely to happen very soon and COL could get a Marlon Byrd or Kyle Farnsworth
Matt Mantei- COL interested enough to want to review his medical record
Brian Boehringer- had his option declined by PIT.. COL interested and wants to look at his medical record
Victor Martinez- CLE working to re-sign him to a long-term deal for 4years worth around 8M, since he will likely be eligible for arb. next year
Jason Kendall- Dodgers still have interest in trading for him despite his overpriced contract...rumor is Kendall and Craig Wilson for Yhency Brozaban and David Ross...A's also need him
Kevin Brown- the Yankees may want to trade him this offseason and teams like Atlanta will be interested if the Yanks take most of salary and ask for little in return..a Brown for Sosa deal is intriguing......a Brown for Andruw Jones has also been mentioned
Javier Vazquez- also likely to be traded
Jaret Wright- Indians interested in bringing him back...Seattle likes him...Atlanta's top priority is to bring him back
Pedro Martinez- Yankees and Angels have interest..Red Sox still want him back and he wants to stay in BOS...random rumor: Pedro signs with Giants to be their closer...all Yankee officials except George don't want to pursue him...wants at minimum around 3-years for 25-40M..prefers an NL warm-weather team like SF, FLA, LA, SD etc. .... Red Sox have offered Martinez a two-year, $25.5 million contract with a $13 million option for 2007 and $2 million in potential performance bonuses and he has rejected the offer...Cards like him and he likes them and the same goes for the Giants
Miguel Cairo- wants to remain with the Yankees, even has a utilityman
Esteban Loaiza- Yankees unlikely to re-sign him
Kenny Lofton- likely to be shopped or released by Yankees....they are shopping him and Padres are interested....Yankees willing to eat most of his 3.1M 2005 salary...Phillies, D-Backs, Rockies and Dodgers also in the market
Scott Podsednik- Brewers would put him on the market if they can sign a power corner OF like Jermaine Dye
John Olerud- will consider returning to the Yankees and the same with the Mets
Sammy Sosa- could be traded by the Cubs...Yankees a possible sutior...Mets also interested....could be traded to TEX for Chan Ho Park..O's could be interested
Richie Sexson- Diamondsback are continuing to talk with Agent Casey Close to re-sign him to an extension...he has rejected several proposed deals already..Mariners, hometown team, interested...Mets and Red Sox and LA would also be interested (Sox also like Sean Casey
Tony Batista- Washington working to re-sign him...KC wants a vet 3B for one year and he fits the need
Jim Tracy- Dodgers expected to offer manager a contract extension for several years
David Wells- Padres want to bring him back and so do the Yankees, but wants a guaranteed 1 year contract with at least a 4M base plus incentives....a Padres' player close to Wells has said the Dodgers are interested in him...Phillies also interested
Magglio Ordonez- although the Sox want to re-sign him, his new agent Scott Boras will demand more money...Giants, Mets, Orioles and Padres all interested...due to a knee injruy he is only likely to get a 1-year contract w/ a low base salary and lots of incentives with an option for another year
Omar Vizquel- Rangers interested, would move Young back to 2B and let Soriano go via trade...Twins interested...looking for something in the 2-year 4M area....White Sox plan to offer him a 2-year deal worth 8M and are the frontrunners..Giants also want him
Alfonso Soriano- Rangers will try to trade him...Yankees would be interested to make him their CF...Mets could be interested in swapping Jose Reyes for him
Barry Larkin- could help Tampa Bay...WAS should be interested...could sign 1-year deal in BOS...A's also like him
Jacque Jones- will be on the trading block- Yankees and Padres will be among the suitors
Omar and Cristian Guzman- expected to be pursued by ChiSox
Brad Radke- Red Sox really, really, really like him...Indians, Yankees interested..expected offer from Twins is 2-year 15M w/ option and from Indians 3-year worth 27M...Cornerstone of the Twins' offseason plans..has received a 2-year offer from the Twins..SEA, TB, LA and Philly have expressed interest
Nomar Garciaparra- Angel will pursue him, since 2B Adam Kennedy will be out  till the All-Star Break due to knee surgery...the Dodgers may have interest...Cubs could still re-sign him...willing to play on 1-year deal w/ option...Cubs working on re-signing him..Giants could pick him up for a year..Cards may be interested ....willing to play 2nd or 3rd, making the Yankees a possibility
Ron Gardenhire- expected to sign contract extension past next season
Larry Bowa- has been offered the Marlins' bench coach spot
Rich Dubee- Phillies have interviewed him for pitching coach spot
Adrian Beltre- Dodgers want to bring him back, but hope they don't have to break the bank....Scott Boras and Beltre will entertain offers from other teams before deciding to re-sign with Dodgers
Eric Milton- likely to be the Yankees' top target at pitching...BOS will also be in the bidding...will test free agency waters, and does not want to re-sign with Philles until a pitching coach and manager are named, although he has been offered a contract by Philly
AJ Pierzynski- expected to be shopped by SF this offseason
Carl Pavano- doesn't want to pitch in NY, althought the Yankees and Mets like him, would rather stay with Marlins or move north to Boston or Baltimore...will also be pursued by the Tigers and Cardinals....Florida will have first dibs on him and have offered him a  3-years 21M  deal
Matt Morris- Boston among candidates to sign him
Matt Clement- could sign with Indians, Boston, San Diego, Seattle or TOR...hometown team PIT also interested, but money could be an issue...Cubs have yet to contact him and 3-4 out of 8 teams that have contacted him have serious interest
Derek Lowe- will be pursued by the Tigers...Orioles and Rangers will be interested...unlikely to return to Sox
Dustan Hermanson- the Indians need a closer and Hermanson is among the players they will consider
Jose Guillen- Royals would be interested should the Angels want to trade him...Mets are also interested
Moises Alou- is looking for a 1-year contract next season and if he doesn't get the offer from the right team like say the Giants, after the Cubs decline his option, he will retire...could re-sign at cheaper price with Cubs, but unlikely..Yankees could be in the market
Enrique Wilson- does not want to return to the Yankees in next year
Paul Wilson- Reds trying to re-sign him
Troy Percival- will not return to ANA...Blue Jays, Seattle and Frisco will have interest....Agents says 6 teams interested...Expected to receive a contract offers from CLE and OAK on Friday
Rheal Cormier- may retire at end of season, as he becomes a FA...the Phillies would be interested in re-signing him
Juan Castro- wants to re-sign with the Reds

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