Einstein Forever

by Philip Steffey

Below is a letter to the editors of  Sky and Telescope sent by the undersigned soon after the article referred to was published.  The letter was not published or even acknowledged, nor were any published concerning the article by other writers, pro or con.  Were the editors aware of and embarrassed by the unwarranted speculation from an excellent review article?

Dear Editors,

Maybe I missed something, but the article on pgs. 32f. in the July 2005 issue struck me as a strong affirmation of the correctness of Einstein's general theory of relativity.  Not a shred of negative experimental evidence is presented, only "mights" or "coulds" for future experiments.  And where are the predictions from "quantum gravity" theories of the phenomena these experiments will address ?  The author's tone in the article and that in the editorial article in the same issue remind me of "OK, the world didn't end in 2000, but it might in 2010."

Philip Steffey
(Remark:  Feb. 2007)

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