Vitamin sources

Puritans Pride has five-for-two sale which ends May 6, 1999 - best prices I've found on vitamins, best quality and service .

Conscious Living Systems has the best price on Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae, the most cost-effective source of the monatomics I've found so far. They don't have very friendly web-site ordering, but they are very helpful and friendly in person at 1-800-469-2290 or 510-633-1840. Fax is 510-635-2290.

BFG Pharmaceuticals - Biochemical Functional Groups - Ordering

Other sources of Pregnenolone: is defunct - will be reconstructed on this site in the future; he draws distinctions between pycnogenol, grape seed extracts and other forms of pine bark extract.

Comprehensive product line at LifeLink Order Form
- slow opening graphics, just hold on for a bit, they have a very good list.

Anti-Aging Vitamins @ $.47 Per Day: Gerovital GH3, DHEA, a Colloidal Silver Maker and more. This silver generator used flimsy strips of silver for electrodes but sells for $99 and a person has to use a glass or other container with it. The Electrogen © Model A comes with its own built-in container, a 16 oz. light-resistant storage bottle, money-back guarantee and sturdier 14 ga. wire electrodes with spares for less than one-third the price.

Article by Clark Hansen, N.D. on proanthocyanidins and other forms of bark and grape seed Pycnogenol ® vs Grape Seed Extract Proanthocyanidin.

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