Bible References

The Book of Revelations contains seven promises to the seven churches to those who persevere, some of which are the crown of life (Revelations 2:10), the hidden manna (Revelations 2:17), the white stone (or amulet), the morning star (Revelations 2:28), a name written forever in the Book of Life (Revelations 3:5), the victor made into a pillar in the temple of my God and he will never leave it again and a name of God written on him, the name of the City of God which comes down out of heaven from my God as well as my new name (Revelations 3:12), will dine with him and he with me to those who answer his knock at the door and hear his voice and give him the right to sit with him on the throne that he won. (Revelations 3:20) They come to life and reign with Christ for a thousand years (Revelations 20:4). Once again man will live to be over 900 years of age.

What does the Bible say about 'minerals'?
Ages of biblical figures from Adam to Moses. Man originally lived over 900 years until the fall, when the Garden was closed and the minerals of its rivers were cut off to him, at which point his longevity began to decline to the age of about 120, just as it is written.
In Revelations there are seven chastisements and seven promises to the seven churches. Among them, manna, the tree of life restored, and the white stone to the ones who persevere. The promises are as follows:
David Hudson's workshops or seminars and/or members of the Science of the Spirit Foundation has information on the correlations of the above promises, among other things, as the mineral material is white food of the desert for man, with preternatural effects, sacred and discerning and the ones who partake will know and be taught things, there will be no deceit; he will be able to recognize deceit immediately and Satan will be bound - there will be peace for a thousand years: