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My name is John Snodgrass.  I am a member of the Florida Citrus Region PCA and the Central Florida Region SCCA .  I am the owner/driver of the Plum Crazy Racing 1973 Porsche 911RS.  On this page you will find the stories of Plum Crazy Racing, the owner/driver, and anything else I feel compelled to write about.  I'll even try and update it once in awhile.

                                       Important information added April 4th 2002.

The current downward trends in the economy have not been kind.  My employer, which shall remain nameless, has had to undergo several layoffs.  While I have not been effected yet, I'm still not confident how much longer I may still be employed.  Therefore most of the updates and changes I had planned for the car have been put on hold.  At this point I'm just hoping that I don't have to put the car up for sale.

Long awaited updates

A lot of things have happened since I last updated these web pages.  Since successfully completing the driver school in February, rebuilding the motor and my first SCCA race in November, I was ready to go for the rest of the 2001 club racing season.  I ran all of the 2001 CFR points races except for the regional race in June.  
It's awfully hot at Sebring in June , so I went to the Nevada desert (Las Vegas) the first week of July for a vacation instead.  It's a good thing those casinos are air conditioned.

I also ran a NASA/BMW Club event in early June to do some testing, and the HSR (Historic Sportscar Racing) event in conjunction with the 12 Hours of Sebring in March.

First round of major upgrades

New Oil  Cooler           A bigger oil cooler is needed to bring the temps down
New front Bumper        Need a place to mount the new oil cooler
Fiberglass doors            Replace the steel doors with lighter fiberglass
New brake ducts            The current brake ducts are not getting the job done
New brake bleeders        These bleeders make it possible to easily bleed you brakes by yourself
New stuff for my feet      New aluminum floorboard and pedals from Rennline Design

Plum Crazy Racing Track Time Activities.

Sebring 10/99
Sebring 11/99
Roebling Road 02/00

Unexpected Problems
Sebring 11/00 

Sebring 02/01                                          
Sebring HSR 03/01
Sebring NASA Testing 06/01
Daytona 08/01
Sebring  09/01 (no pictures)
Sebring  10/01 (no pictures)

Plum Crazy Racing away from the track.
Time off for Vacation to France
Trip to LeMans
Mt. Dora Exotic Car Show
Vegas Vacation 2001
Rennsport Reunion Lime Rock Park
VW Bus with Porsche suspension and drive train.

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