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    The S.O.S. started in the 1960s at U. of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, as a non-organization of climbers and other adventurers.  For details, see  Here's my original membership card from 1969.  (No, it's not a photo ID.)     Membership cards existed only because they were required by the intramural sports department for borrowing their camping equipment.  The S.O.S. had no elected leaders or dues.
   The most frequent trips were to Indiana's Portland Arch for rockclimbing, which was banned by the Nature Conservancy in the early '70's.  The most popular weekend destination was Devil's Lake, WI. 
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Recent Simian Activity

new Just in from Boise
Yesterday a package arrived from Boise, ID with some potatoes and a DVD of old Simian super 8 movies which Jeannie Hemphill sent me and which I said I would try to post.  Here's what I have managed so far:


Also, click on one of the images below for the video, "Simian Ski Trip (probably January, 1970), by Jeannie Hemphill, edited by Paul Brickett
HZ small
Click on this image for tiny version (2.8 MB).
Click on this image for small version (6.8 MB; link to other site).

Back to the Simian epicenter!
Reunion on May 10th, 2004 in Champaign-Urbana.  Paul (and Christina) visit Chuck Cooper (and wife Janet) and Harry and Kathy Zanotti at their home in Urbana.  Click on picture for enlargement.
host house yard
Harry the host slaving over a hot grill. Jan, Chuck, Kathy, Harry, Paul, and Christina in Casa Zannoti. Deck setting in backyard.

    Proposed 2004 Simian Expedition to Fremont Peak in Wyoming's Wind River range.  
Click on image below for route information.   See official S.O.S. website.

titcomb title

Excerpts from Climbing and Hiking in the Wind River Mountains by Joe Kelsey, San Francisco:  Sierra Club Books, 1980, presented for Simians considering the Fremont expedition who are unfamiliar with, or have forgotten, the details associated with climbing Fremont Peak.  Please pay special attention to the history section, as Mark Wilson will be administering a quiz  to potential participants.  Not responsible for typing errors, or changes since publication of the original guidebook.  The particular copy I found at the San Jose CA public library, like many current Simians, had spent a lot of years on the shelf.


November 22, 2003.  Simian Cheryl Hiltibran and husband David Richman are in the Bay area from Minnesota.  Coincidentally, both Cheryl and Christina work in adult education and training, while both David and Paul have the same taste in jackets.


Paul Brickett encounters John Conley in Arlington, VA, September 23, 2003.   Photo was taken in front of the Yeti Cafe and Ice Cream Parlor, which seemed an appropriate meeting spot for Simians.  Due to national security concerns, no further information may be disclosed concerning this meeting.


Another Simian mini-reunion with Jeannie Hemphill May 31 in San Jose´.  Christina and Cody on the left of the picture also attended.  Read all about Jeannie's trip on her web site.  


Jeannie and I also met Simian Mark Wilson at San Juan Bautista mission. 


Mark had been in the area refighting the Civil War.

Mark had been in Fremont California doing Civil War reenactment, although this picture was taken during a visit to L.A.  According to "Virtual History" the Battle of Fremont was the major turning point in the conflict between Northern and Southern California during the Civil War. A division of cavalry from Los Angeles was preparing to invade the San Francisco Bay area and was approaching Fremont.  Vastly outnumbered, a battalion from Marin county came up with the desperate ploy to dig numerous pits in the path of the southerners and to fill them with hot water.  Being unfamiliar with water holes, the horses from the south floundered, leaving their riders helpless without their mounts, and the Northerners were victorious.  Since then, Northern Californians often relive their victory by visiting sunken pools of hot water, while Southern California has frequently attempted to disarm the North of its water supplies.

Mark and Jeannie and their vehicles.  (Jeannie is getting a few of her extra bumper stickers to give to Mark.)


Simian mini-reunion, January 22, 2003, San Jose´, CA.  Jeannie Hemphill and Paul Brickett.  See Jeannie's description on her  web site.


Classic Simian Antics

Finally!  The complete pictorial account of the Simian Assault on the Third Flatiron, January, 1970.  Just click on the thumbnail.


Yankee Boy Basin, 1970 (3-D anaglyph; click to enlarge).  

This was made from single slides John Conley and I each took independently on the Feb., 1970 Mt. Sneffles trip. See Peter Z.'s original trip description in the S.O.S. Banana Peel.  (Use the red /cyan viewer from your old Sport's Illustrated 2000 swimsuit issue to experience 3-D effect.  The enlarged image is best viewed at 1280x1024 resolution, so you might need to buy a new computer.)

images/sosmcviewerhead.jpg images/YankeeBoyBasin.jpg


 Primary Statement of Simian Philosophy, 1969. (Click to enlarge.)

 Unfortunately, the promised follow-up article never appeared, due to budget constraints.  (Original document recently restored.) images/epicentersm2.gif


Gratuitous Links

No modern web site is complete without this section.  

Wild West History Tours:  "Let us take you back in time to relive a part of the wild west with guided tours through the historic landscapes of Western America."  Approved by the NRA and Philip Morris.  All tours are conducted by historical geographer, naturalist and adventurer Mark Wilson, Ph.D.

Jeannie Hemphill teaches yoga in Boise, Idaho.  Needs to work-up a yoga logo, though.  

Recommended yoga studio in downtown San Jose.  Irene A. Smith, Ph.D., owner and head instructor.  Nice  logo.


I can't count the number of times people have asked me where they can get authentic reproductions of 14th-century Polish Armor.

jan morgan tucker, multimedia artist (note lowercase name) and official Samoyed supplier for this site, had nothing else to do with it's contents.  Could do with less caffeine.
This space for rent.
Primarily conservation group which also has hiking and backpacking trips, including desert peaks.  For example, see Kingston Range Backpack for link.