Appel, Benjamin. Brain Guy. Real Estate collector turns criminal. By an author who grew up in Hell's Kitchen. Other titles which may include Hell's Kitchen are The Power House, The Dark Stain, Sweet Money Girl.

Appel, Benjamin. Hell's Kitchen. Four boys growing up in Hell's Kitchen during World War.

Armstrong, Jennifer. Patrick Doyle is Full of Blarney. Random House, 1996.  A nine year old promises the visit of a baseball star.

Baldwin, Frank. Balling the Jack. Simon & Schuster, 1997.  Gambler meets Hell's Kitchen dart team.

Block, Lawrence. Mathew Scudder crime novels frequently take place in Hell's Kitchen.  At one time Scudder lived in what appeared to be the Henry Hudson Hotel and frequented Armstrong's bar, then on Ninth Avenue.  Titles include: Devil knows your dead. Morrow, 1993 and Ticket to the Bone Yard. Morrow, 1990

Collins, Michael. Minnesota Strip. D.I. Fine, 1987.  During the 1970's street prostitution on Eighth Avenue in the mid 50's.

Connelly, Joe. Bringing Out the Dead. Knopf, 1998.  Fiction by a former EMS worker at St. Clare's Hospital.

Deaver, Jeffery (writing as William Jefferies). Hell's Kitchen: a location scout mystery. Pocket Books, 2001. A West 36th Street tenement, a suspicious fire, a developer, and more.

Gillespie, Robert B. Hell's Kitchen Connection. Dodd, Mead, 1987.  Crime fiction.

Glatzer, Hal. A Fugue in Hell's Kitchen: a Katy Green Mystery. Perseverance Press.  Crime fiction.

Harris, Lee. Murder in Hell's Kitchen. Ballantine. 2003.  Crime fiction.

Hard-boiled dames. St. Martin's Press 1986.  See The Jane from Hell's Kitchen.

Hjortsberg, William. Nevermore. Atantic Monthly, 1994.  Double murder in Hell's Kitchen.

Kelly, Thomas. Payback. Knopf, 1997.  Sandhog in Hell's Kitchen Irish family during the 1980's building boom.

King, Frank. Take the D Train. E. P. Dutton, 1990 and Sleeping dogs die. Dutton, 1988.  Crime fiction.

Lexau, Joan M. Kite over Tenth Avenue. illustrated by Symeon Shimin. Doubleday 1967.  An episode from McConnon's Angels in Hell's Kitchen told for children.

McDonell, J. M. Half Crazy. Little, Brown 1995.  Young model from Arkansas in the high and low life of New York City, including Hell's Kitchen.

Mason, Michael. Willie. Ridge Press Book/Atheneum 1963.  Photographed picture book of a young boy taken in the 1950's near Columbus Library.

Puzo, Mario. The Fortunate Pilgrim. Strong, sympathetic story of an Italian immigrant widow and her family in the West 30's between the two World Wars.

Ryan, John Fergus. Watching. Rosse F. Morgan Books 1997.  Novel of Times Square peep shows.

Saussure, Eric de. Secret of Hell's Kitchen. Seabury Press 1980.  Parable for young people by Belgian priest.

Walsh, Michael. Exchange Alley. Warner Books 1997.  Homicide detective living in Hell's Kitchen.

Updated February 21, 2006