The Malcolm MacLeod Family of Raasay

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John C.E. Christensen
ROOTS V, ver 5.01
August 3, 1997
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Table of Contents

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First Generation

1. Malcolm MacLeod1 Raasay was born in Rigg, Trotternish, Scottland 1711. Malcolm died 1777 in Bennington, Hampshire Grant, MS (VT), at age 66.

He married Catherine McQueen of Totaroam date unknown.

Malcolm MacLeod Raasay and Catherine McQueen of Totaroam had the following children:

child + 2 i.Joseph2 Raasay was born 1733.

child 3 ii.Ashael Raasay was born 1735.

child 4 iii.Benjamin Raasay was born 1737.

child 5 iv.William Raasay was born 1738.

child 6 v.James Raasay was born 1740.

child 7 vi.Silas Raasay was born 1741.

Second Generation

2. Joseph2 Raasay (Malcolm MacLeod1) was born in Scotland 1733. Joseph died 1798 at age 65.

He married Mary Hollan 1757 in Mendon, Worchestershire Co., NY.

Joseph Raasay and Mary Hollan had the following children:

child 8 i.Peletiah3 Raasay was born 1758. Peletiah died 1758 at age unknown.

child 9 ii.Peletiah Raasay was born 17 February 1759. He married Esther Franklin date unknown.

child 10 iii.Robert Raasay was born 15 January 1761. He married Phoebe Coy date unknown.

child 11 iv.Joseph Raasay was born 6 January 1762. Joseph died 1832 at age 70. He married Lois Mack date unknown.

child 12 v.Tryphena Raasay was born 28 June 1765. Tryphena died 1850 at age 85. She married John Grimes date unknown.

child 13 vi.Ashael Raasay was born 1767. He married Electra Gurnsey date unknown.

child 14 vii.Mary Raasay was born 1768.

child 15 viii.John B. Raasay was born 1771. John died 1855 at age 84. He married Rachael Brewer date unknown.

child + 16 ix.Silas Raasay was born 1773.

Third Generation

16. Silas3 Raasay (Joseph2, Malcolm MacLeod1) was born in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY 1773. Silas died 1818 in Trenton, NY, at age 45.

He married Hannah Gurnsey 1799.

Silas Raasay and Hannah Gurnsey had the following children:

child 17 i.Silas4 Raasay.

child 18 ii.John Raasay.

child 19 iii.Chester Raasay.

child 20 iv.Alonzo Raasay.

child 21 v.Ward Raasay.

child 22 vi.Louisa Raasay.

child 23 vii.Electra Raasay.

child 24 viii.Bella Raasay.

child + 25 ix.Joseph Rasay was born 1800.

Fourth Generation

25. Joseph4 Rasay (Silas3 Raasay, Joseph2, Malcolm MacLeod1) was born in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY 1800. Joseph died 3 January 1899 in Aurora, IL, at age 98.

He married Phoebe Green 1824. Phoebe was born date unknown in Vermont.

Joseph Rasay and Phoebe Green had the following children:

child 26 i.John Green5 Rasay was born 1824. John died 1917 at age 93. He married Evelyn Bunce date unknown.

child 27 ii.Silas Rasay was born 1826. Silas died 1862 at age 36. He married Mary Elizabeth Parham date unknown.

child 28 iii.Joseph Rasay was born 1828. He married Maribel Gardner date unknown.

child 29 iv.Julia Rasay was born 1829. She married Ad Kelly date unknown.

child 30 v.Benoni Rasay was born 1830. Benoni died 1904 at age 74. He married Viola May Gardner date unknown.

child 31 vi.Martha Elizabeth Rasay was born 1832. She married Joseph C. Carpenter date unknown.

child 32 vii.Mary Rasay was born 1834. She married James Baird date unknown.

child 33 viii.Louisiana Rasay was born 1836. Louisiana died 1837 at age 1.

child + 34 ix.Thedita Jeanette Rasay was born 20 March 1840.

Fifth Generation

34. Thedita Jeanette5 Rasay (Joseph4, Silas3 Raasay, Joseph2, Malcolm MacLeod1) was born in Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence Co., NY 20 March 1840. Thedita died 24 March 1924 in Maryville, Nodaway Co., MO, at age 84.

She married John Jay Hall Sr. 31 March 1866 in DeKalb Jct. DeKalb Co., IL. John was born 12 May 1830 in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY. John was the son of Rufus Hall and Harriet Taylor. John died 28 November 1892 in Andrew Co., MO, at age 62.

Thedita Jeanette Rasay and John Jay Hall Sr. had the following children:

child 35 i.unknown6 Hall. died in infancy

child 36 ii.Lydia Emmogene Hall was born in DeKalb Jct. DeKalb Co., IL 30 December 1868. Lydia died 1938 at age 69. She married William S. Harden date unknown.

child + 37 iii.John Jay Hall Jr. was born 10 July 1870.

child 38 iv.Taylor Green Hall was born in Andrew Co., MO 30 June 1872. He married Mary Harden Davis date unknown.

child 39 v.William Rufus Hall was born in Andrew Co., MO 18 March 1877. He married Bess Staley date unknown.

child 40 vi.Charles Bryon Hall was born in Andrew Co., MO 7 July 1879.

Sixth Generation

37. John Jay6 Hall Jr. (Thedita Jeanette5 Rasay, Joseph4, Silas3 Raasay, Joseph2, Malcolm MacLeod1) was born in Andrew Co., MO 10 July 1870. John died 3 July 1957 in Sinton, San Patricio Co., TX, at age 86. His body was interred 3 July 1957 in Odem, San Patricio Co., TX.

He married Susie Viola Praiswater 10 January 1900 in Andrew Co., MO. Susie was born 5 July 1878 in Andrew Co., MO. Susie was the daughter of George W. Praiswater and Emma Jane Duey. Susie died 6 September 1961 in Sinton, San Patricio Co., TX, at age 83. Her body was interred 6 September 1961 in Odem, San Patricio Co., TX.

John Jay Hall Jr. and Susie Viola Praiswater had the following children:

child 41 i.Susan Blanche7 Hall was born in Andrew Co., MO 28 October 1900. Susan died 30 May 1952 in Dale, IN, at age 51. She married Edwin Marshall 12 August 1922 in Dale, IN. "Blanche, five feet high and chubby, was Mother's third hand, learning to cook, sew, quilt, preserve food and iron clothes. She, being oldest, had very little play time, being grown up at ten, and playing the mother role for the rest of us. Like Mama, she was quiet, busy, and easily provoked to tears." The Hall Tree.

child 42 ii.John Gerald Hall was born in Andrew Co., MO 28 March 1902. John died 24 July 1924 in St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO, at age 22. "Gerald (Bear Dance) and his nick name came from his clowning on the football field. Football was fun in those days, and not a National crisis. This one was popular at school, with a dash and daring that was neither Mama or Papa. He dated the cutest girls in school, and generously spread his charm and gaiety. He was the first to be lost to the family, in an accident while working with a structural steel company at the age of twenty two."

child 43 iii.Lillian Faith Hall was born in Andrew Co., MO 15 August 1903. She married Georg F. Ravn 24 December 1924 in St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO. Georg was born date unknown in Haderslev, Denmark. "Lillian (Lil) the family rebel - loving bright colors, books, and hating housework, and the inside of a house, totally.

child 44 iv.Ralph R. Hall was born in Andrew Co., MO 5 January 1905. He married Frances Thatcher 27 May 1933. "Ralph (Rufus) was the family imp. He teased, played tricks, and often his hands were wadded into fists, lest his

child 45 v.Forrest Ray Hall was born in Andrew Co., MO 16 June 1906. Forrest died 6 May 1974 in St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO, at age 67. He married Thelma Park 24 April 1935. "Forrest (Forty Acres) a sickly baby, grew into a high tempered stubborn loner. He could always manage to get into the fun

child 46 vi.George W. Hall was born in Andrew Co., MO 27 March 1908. George died 4 November 1979 in Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX, at age 71. He married LaVerne Cook 5 September 1933. "George (Gomez) was a left over from old Bucaneer Days. An impish storyteller, with a genius for creating the most

child 47 vii.John Jay Hall III was born in Andrew Co., MO 28 November 1909. He married LaVoice Howell 7 February 1942 in Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX. "John (Coffee Cat) born with a chip on his shoulder - a lover of pets, a sensative being, therefore often hurt. His family

child + 48 viii.Floy Lucille Hall was born 1 October 1911.

child 49 ix.Donald Dean Hall was born in Andrew Co., MO 19 February 1913. Donald died 26 June 1963 in Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX, at age 50. He married Dorothea Hall 26 June 1940 in Maryville, Nodaway Co., MO. "Don (Nick) with almost brown eyes and almost blonde hair. He wrote poetry, dreamed a lot, and would have been really happy

child 50 x.Vern V. Hall was born in Andrew Co., MO 26 July 1915. He married Bertha E. Cook 24 January 1942. "Vern (Bonea) the nickname came from his small nephew, Jerry and his baby pronunciation of the name. Here was the real

child 51 xi.Lowell Neil Hall was born in Maryville, Nodaway Co., MO 28 March 1917. He married Gracemary Karl date unknown in Harlingen, TX. "Lowell (Tex) the period of the Halls. Agressive and audacious with a firm belief that he could handle any situation which

Seventh Generation

48. Floy Lucille7 Hall (John Jay6, Thedita Jeanette5 Rasay, Joseph4, Silas3 Raasay, Joseph2, Malcolm MacLeod1) was born in Andrew Co., MO 1 October 1911. Floy died AFT 1979 at age unknown.

She married Ferdinand Eck 28 August 1934 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE. Ferdinand died about 1955 at age unknown. "Floy (Sis) Here was another rebel, and often in tears of frustration. Coming after four boys in a row, Mama enjoyed her.

Floy Lucille Hall and Ferdinand Eck had the following child:

child 52 i.Lowell John8 Eck (still alive).

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Baird, James (marriage to Mary Rasay) (i2501)


Brewer, Rachael (marriage to John B. Raasay) (i2528)


Bunce, Evelyn (marriage to John Green Rasay) (i2489)


Carpenter, Joseph C. (marriage to Martha Elizabeth Rasay) (i2499)


Cook, Bertha E. (marriage to Vern V. Hall) (i2388)
Cook, LaVerne (marriage to George W. Hall) (i2382)


Coy, Phoebe (marriage to Robert Raasay) (i2519)


Davis, Mary Harden (marriage to Taylor Green Hall) (i2399)


Eck, Ferdinand (marriage to Floy Lucille Hall) (i1162), d.1955
Eck, Lowell John (i1161) (still alive)


Franklin, Esther (marriage to Peletiah Raasay) (i2517)


Gardner, Maribel (marriage to Joseph Rasay) (i2493)
Gardner, Viola May (marriage to Benoni Rasay) (i2497)


Green, Phoebe (marriage to Joseph Rasay) (i2487)


Grimes, John (marriage to Tryphena Raasay) (i2523)


Gurnsey, Electra (marriage to Ashael Raasay) (i2525)
Gurnsey, Hannah (marriage to Silas Raasay) (i2504)


Hall, Charles Bryon (i2402), b.1879-
Hall, Donald Dean (i2385), b.1913-d.1963
Hall, Dorothea (marriage to Donald Dean Hall) (i2386)
Hall, Floy Lucille (i1163), b.1911-d.1979
Hall, Forrest Ray (i2379), b.1906-d.1974
Hall, George W. (i2381), b.1908-d.1979
Hall, John Gerald (i2374), b.1902-d.1924
Hall, John Jay, III (i2383), b.1909-
Hall, John Jay, Jr. (i2372), b.1870-d.1957
Hall, John Jay, Sr. (marriage to Thedita Jeanette Rasay) (i2393), b.1830-d.1892
Hall, Lillian Faith (i2375), b.1903-
Hall, Lowell Neil (i2389), b.1917-
Hall, Lydia Emmogene (i2395), b.1868-d.1938
Hall, Ralph R. (i2377), b.1905-
Hall, Susan Blanche (i2391), b.1900-d.1952
Hall, Taylor Green (i2398), b.1872-
Hall, unknown (i2417)
Hall, Vern V. (i2387), b.1915-
Hall, William Rufus (i2400), b.1877-


Harden, William S. (marriage to Lydia Emmogene Hall) (i2396)


Hollan, Mary (marriage to Joseph Raasay) (i2514)


Howell, LaVoice (marriage to John Jay Hall III) (i2384)


Karl, Gracemary (marriage to Lowell Neil Hall) (i2390)


Kelly, Ad (marriage to Julia Rasay) (i2495)


Mack, Lois (marriage to Joseph Raasay) (i2521)


Marshall, Edwin (marriage to Susan Blanche Hall) (i2392)


McQueen, Catherine, of Totaroam (marriage to Malcolm MacLeod Raasay) (i2530)


Parham, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Silas Rasay) (i2491)


Park, Thelma (marriage to Forrest Ray Hall) (i2380)


Praiswater, Susie Viola (marriage to John Jay Hall Jr.) (i2373), b.1878-d.1961


Raasay, Alonzo (i2508)
Raasay, Ashael (i2524), b.1767-
Raasay, Ashael (i2531), b.1735-
Raasay, Bella (i2512)
Raasay, Benjamin (i2532), b.1737-
Raasay, Chester (i2507)
Raasay, Electra (i2511)
Raasay, James (i2534), b.1740-
Raasay, John (i2506)
Raasay, John B. (i2527), b.1771-d.1855
Raasay, Joseph (i2513), b.1733-d.1798
Raasay, Joseph (i2520), b.1762-d.1832
Raasay, Louisa (i2510)
Raasay, Malcolm MacLeod (i2529), b.1711-d.1777
Raasay, Mary (i2526), b.1768-
Raasay, Peletiah (i2515), b.1758-d.1758
Raasay, Peletiah (i2516), b.1759-
Raasay, Robert (i2518), b.1761-
Raasay, Silas (i2503), b.1773-d.1818
Raasay, Silas (i2505)
Raasay, Silas (i2535), b.1741-
Raasay, Tryphena (i2522), b.1765-d.1850
Raasay, Ward (i2509)
Raasay, William (i2533), b.1738-


Rasay, Benoni (i2496), b.1830-d.1904
Rasay, John Green (i2488), b.1824-d.1917
Rasay, Joseph (i2486), b.1800-d.1899
Rasay, Joseph (i2492), b.1828-
Rasay, Julia (i2494), b.1829-
Rasay, Louisiana (i2502), b.1836-d.1837
Rasay, Martha Elizabeth (i2498), b.1832-
Rasay, Mary (i2500), b.1834-
Rasay, Silas (i2490), b.1826-d.1862
Rasay, Thedita Jeanette (i2394), b.1840-d.1924


Ravn, Georg F. (marriage to Lillian Faith Hall) (i2376)


Staley, Bess (marriage to William Rufus Hall) (i2401)


Thatcher, Frances (marriage to Ralph R. Hall) (i2378)

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