Who am I? Well, let me tell you...

Below is a brief introduction of myself, my interests, and my general state of being.

The Past

Me at three

I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, so I am a "dyed in the wool" Cornhusker! Even after all these years I still consider myself a Nebraskan, and I still get homesick for the great plains when something around me triggers a memory or feeling of Nebraska. When I was two and a half years old my family moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland so my father could work with the government. At the time Gaithersburg was a tiny little farming town. By the time I graduated from Gaithersburg High School, the tiny farming town was a busy city of 34 thousand surrounded by tract houses and townhouses.

In search of a B.A. I went to the University of Maryland in College Park, although with hindsight, I wish I'd gone elsewhere, but I did survive, which is all that matters. While an Undergrad, I majored in Medieval History, which I loved. Also took a lot of courses in literature, creative writing and architecture. All in all, I did have a lot of fun, learned a lot, didn't get hurt, and graduated.

Not being able to find a job in Medieval History, I ventured into the Virginia Piedmont in search of a Masters in Urban and Environmental Planning at the University of Virginia. Charlottesville turned out to be a wonderful place to go to school, and I truly enjoyed school even if I didn't always enjoy my grades.

Charlottesville, Virginia

For about ten years I lived in the beautiful City of Charlottesville, which is nestled among the Mountains of the Virginia Piedmont. From my backyard I could see Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. TJ's Little Mountain is a must see for any history buff visiting the area. Also in the area is James Monroe's Ash Lawn - Highland and the University of Virginia with its peaceful Lawn. After graduating from the University of Virginia I worked as a Real Estate Title Examiner. It is sort of like a paralegal, but not quite. My job meant that I worked in the Court House Record Room reading lots of deeds and wills. Being a title examiner may sound dull, but for a budding genealogist it was a wonderful learning experience, and I met a lot of very nice people to boot.

 In my spare time I tried to keep up with the household chores and keeping the garden spiffy. My favorite flower is the Peony. I had an entire bed filled with peonies, about 12 plants in all. Of all the flowers I regret leaving behind when I moved to Florida, it is the peonies that is first. Alas, peonies can't grown in Southeastern Florida. Of course I had a lot of other flower beds, but the peonies were/are nearest and dearest to my heart. Another downside in moving away from Charlottesville is that I had to leave behind the beautiful mountains of the Virginia Piedmont. The rest of my time was taken up by genealogy and the usual chores of living. I love genealogy and find it a natural tie in to my BA in history. It was during my life in Virginia that I started really digging my teeth into the genealogy and history of the Catlett Family, starting in Virginia about 1650. Return to my Home Page for more information about the Catletts and my other families

The Present and my Future

My life took a very different turn at the beginning of 1997, for I pulled up stakes and moved to Miami, Florida. I am still unpacking and getting settled in, and it will be awhile yet before everything finds its place. But, I have found what I was looking for; a wonderful husband! I do have several goals or wishes for the future. The primary wish is to be happy, which seems to have come about (big kisses to Tony!). A bit lower on the wish ladder is the desire to devote more time to working on the genealogical history of the Catlett Family in the U.S.A. Although my future remains a murky haze of tarot cards and tea leaves, I await with open eyes and ears for the future!!!

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