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Hello everyone. My name is John Christensen and I am a 38 year old Nebraskan / Marylander now living in Miami Florida. Six years ago I moved to Miami, Florida and at times it feels as if I've moved to another country.  Even after all this time I still have not gotten used to South Florida's climate and culture. As always happens after any move, there are still boxes stashed away in the closets that have yet to be unpacked.  To the left is a photo of myself taken July of 2001 while visiting with my family in Nebraska. If you'd like to know more about me click on the picture of the little hands below. Being a person with wide flung interests, I have no end of fun "surfing" the internet. There is always something new to find and someone new to meet. For a basic list of my favorite links click on the red peony flower. I have also set up two small picture galleries of photos (in which I am constantly overhauling my selection of photos). There's not much to see in my galleries yet and since I'll be tinkering with it for awhile you might find it a tad messy, but if you feel adventurous and still want to take a peek, click on the fluttering Maryland flag. If you'd like to take a peek at some photos of my vacation to Prague click on the picture of Atlas.  My page on stamp collecting is not much to speak of so far as it's still very much a work in progress; to see my philatelic interests click on the dove below.  I have also begun a heraldry page which has a way to go yet but you can click on the black eagle below to browse what I have so far.

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Dwight E Catlett in 1915

In Loving Memory of Dwight E Catlett


Genealogy: The Catlett Family

Isaac Catlett  sons
I have been doing genealogy for about 18 years now, and I'm proud to say that I have gone from being a rank novice to almost professional. My main focus has been the records of Virginia, along with some of Kentucky, Iowa, and Nebraska, especially my mother's family; the Catletts of Nebraska. They started out in Kent County, England in the 1600s, emigrated to the Virginia Colony in 1650 and stayed until moving to Kentucky in 1817. Isaac and his family left Kentucky and moved to Iowa about 1850. From there the family moved to southwest Nebraska just before the turn of the 20th century. This photo of Isaac Catlett (my 3rd great-grandfather) and his 6 sons, was taken around 1875. I have a very large database on the Catlett family of Kent County England and Virginia, as well as my own branch of the Catlett family of Virginia Kentucky, Iowa and Nebraska . Even if I don't presently know how I'm related to some of these people I still "collect" them anyway, figuring that one day I will discover some family link. If you have any interest I would be happy to exchange information about any of the various branches of the family.

Genealogy: Other Families

What follows is a fairly complete list of my genealogical interests. I will be happy to compare notes with anybody else interested in these same families.
Davenport/Damport: beginning in Virginia before 1700.
LaRue: from the Virginia Northern Neck during the 1700s and Kentucky thereafter.
Irons : of Indiana and Iowa during the mid to late 1800s.
Fetters : of Iowa and Nebraska during the late 1800s.
Christensen: from Ålborg Denmark during the mid 1800s to Nebraska by the late 1800s.
Tostenson: from Norway, time and place unknown, to Wisconsin by the 1870's. Name was changed to Thompson.
Walters: Married into my LaRue family by the early 1800s in Kentucky.
Burton: from the coal mines of Derby shire England to Nebraska; all during the 1800s.
Metcalf: from Rye side, North Ridings Yorkshire England to Nebraska, all during the 1800s.
Rouzlee: half siblings to my Catletts; came over to Virginia during the 1650's, with their elder half brother John Catlett the First.
Eck: I know nothing on this family, just starting my search.
McLeod of Raasay: The information I have on my American McLeod family is suspect, doubtful and completely lacking in documentation. It needs a lot of work! That it is a branch of my Eck family.
Beall/Bell: Some of my research on the early Maryland Bealls who married into my Catlett family.

The Powhatan Family of Virginia

Algonquin IndianThe Powahatan pedigree was a genealogical "experiment" that I used in learning how to use some new computer software. But after awhile I discovered that the "experiment" developed a life of its own and was a bit more difficult that I had first thought. Now my main goal is not to rehash all of Pocahantas' pedigrees but rather to look at the other branches of the Powhatan royal family. Click on the Algonquin Indian to see the pedigree chart


The Muse

The Magician's Nephew

In celebration of National Poetry Month, I posted a few poems here thay I wrote a long time ago.





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