Paul's Kids 2005
Paul's Kids
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George Bush & Pedophilia & FBI & Police
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Comparing My Children To Other Peoples Children
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Bohemian Grove Members --(VIDEO)

1987 EVENTS INVOLVING CHILDREN SF BAY AREA - (55 Minutes) Radio Program

Bohemian Grove Attack On Family Values, 2nd Amendment -- (VIDEO)


Paul’s Kids 2005

By Paul Barrier 2005, 2015.

Ongoing Genocide In Marin County California  

Many of the Children you see on this website are living in wealthy Marin County, California. So if you Marin people know one of them or their Parents, please let these Parents know what I'm saying about them and the Child they have with me. These Parents Need To Know I'm accusing them of being involved in the fabrication and distribution of Children for the purposes of murdering Children.

The link on the left;   Many People Affected.   The doctors victimized hundreds of people.  The victimization began in the late 1980’s.


The 1987 Radio Program link at top; speaks about the unfortunate truth of America’s long history of satanic worship.  (Also: FBI Report and George Bush Jr. pedophilia story).  The George Bush Jr. link is from a Newspaper article released in the country of India. They are not bound by American press suppression, although I believe American media covered it.  Very shocking, and mentions an eyewitness to the behavior of the former president while visiting India.  The former American President is a member of a cult that follows a God that requires a child to be murdered.  Was he following his God while in India?  The current Governor of California, like the ones before him, members of a satanic cult!  Always the same, satanist in government at the highest levels of these elected offices!


My Situation

For me it began in 1988 from a brief sexual act with a woman from Mill Valley California. It wasn’t until 1992 or so when I began to see children that looked like the one I knew I had. But looking very similar wasn’t the only interaction.  They also stimulated a place inside me, creating that feeling one gets from progeny as a result of providing them with (DNA).   And I was seeing my children everywhere.


I began taking photographs for comparison; you know to prove what I thought I was seeing.  Some of the photos are here.  But I've also seen my progeny in newspaper articles, advertisements, television commercials.  The number of children I've seen is also shocking. Something big was/is behind this.


The Official FBI Report on Satanism in America (Link at left) explains how satanic cults like the bohemian grove operate. There are hundreds, thousands, of women called breeder women these cults rely on for children.  San Francisco has a long history of having satanic cults.  Some of you remember the Presidio child abuse case involving high ranking military personnel, of the United States Government. You’ve heard of these people!  The President, the Vice President, a Military General.


Circumstantially Proving My Case

At Top Of Page, Children Photos 1 and 2.

The children look similar because they share my DNA.  The statement, “you have your dad’s eyes” comes from visual recognition of genetic replication.   We see it.   But what about the genetic replication we don’t see?  The internal organs, bones, ligaments, skin, etc.  This is where the feeling of one’s child comes from.  Biological harmony!

     The transmission and reception of your own DNA in another person and you’re the charger they are the cell phone.  That’s an analogous description of the feeling of your biological child.

     You can feel the similar electromagnetic feeling captured in the photographs.  The visual similarity is circumstantial proof of my claim of being another victim of California Penal Code 367(g).  A law Created in 1996.


In 1996 After Multiple Complains  

In 1996 the Legislature of the State of California added section 367(g) to the Penal Code. (Link, SB 1555) SB 1555, from Senator Hayden, stated: “At least Sixty (60) California families alleged that, in the last decade [1986-1996] medical personnel at the University of California at Irvine, and the University of California at San Diego transferred their sperm, ova, or embryos to researchers or implanted their sperm, ova, or embryos into other women without their signed written consent.”


It is now a felony in the State of California to use a man’s semen without his consent or knowledge.  The Board of Regents for the University of California has many former and current bohemian grove members.


A Little Background From InfoWars dot com & Alex Jones


Having gathered hundreds of pages of information associated with my situation I had to come up with an explanation why I became a victim.  It’s not an easy conclusion to accept because its opposite of everything you would expect.  But after hearing the (3/11/2004) Coast To Coast AM Radio Talk Show with guest Alex Jones, and then seeing the video’s he made (at top of page) I had no choice but to reach the conclusion I have.  This may sound shocking but it seems they wanted my semen to create children for their satanic murders. Jones claimed that every summer in July, just north of San Francisco in Sonoma County California (wine country) members of a 180-year plus historical satanic cult called the bohemian grove, get together to celebrate the cremation of care ceremony, a ritual involving a mock sacrifice of a child. 

      According to Jones they have about 1200 members. They are some of the wealthiest people on the planet. World leaders, American Presidents, State Governors, State and Federal Senators, United States Supreme Court Judges, along with the owners of companies like; Johnson & Johnson, Gallo, Kellogg, Heinz, Hunt, Getty, General Electric, Lockheed Saanders, Westinghouse, Proctor & Gamble, Kroger, General Mills, General Nutrition Corporation (GNC), Tyson Foods, Monsanto, many celebrities, etc.


You can see their names and the jobs they have or have had, by using the links I’ve provided.

       My claim of their involvement is circumstantial.  Circumstantial evidence being a group of Facts from which deductions are drawn which attend the main fact in dispute, and therefore tend to prove the hypothesis claimed. (Black's Law Dictionary) 


Intentional Mistake

Then there’s the women impregnated with my semen by intentional mistake!

       That’s what the Los Angeles Newspapers stories are about  (Many People Affected Link).    Two doctors indicted by a federal grand jury for impregnating women with semen from a man other than the woman’s husband or semen she provided for impregnation.   This happened to over 100 people from the late 1980’s to middle 1990’s, but there could have been thousands of victims.  Some women may not know they gave birth to my child!

      Main stream media (owned by bohemian grove members) isn’t going to tell you about this until they have to.  Meanwhile the genocide continues, and my DNA may soon be in your family as my children have children with your children.

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