SUI JURIS — part of the summer mix series 2009
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SUI JURIS: Music from the Motion Picture

Sui Juris is a Latin phrase that literally means “of one’s own laws”. The loose synopsis of this fictional film centers around a priest fresh out of the seminary in 1971 and spans the next 13 years (through 1984) as he takes an interest in the welfare of a prostitute, falls into an often exhilarating (and often violent) affair with her, begins questioning his faith and place in the world and eventually, when he's strung out on heroin, being murdered by the very woman who led him down his spiral.

Upbeat, uplifting stuff, yeah? The music sequencing serves the narrative whenever possible (however loose a narrative it might be).

  1. ABBA - Arrival (Excerpt)
  2. THE BYRDS - Jesus Is Just Alright
  3. NEW YORK DOLLS - Trash
  4. THE GAP BAND - Fontessa Fame
  5. LEONARD COHEN - If It Be Your Will
  6. JOE JACKSON - Steppin' Out
  7. SHALAMAR - Right In The Socket
  8. FLEETWOOD MAC - Walk A Thin Line
  9. JOAN JETT - Bad Reputation
  10. TONES ON TAIL - Happiness
  11. JOY DIVISION - Disorder
  12. SLADE - Everyday