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Last Updated: 10 November 1999

Martian and Lunar Anomalies

The 'Mars Face' is a rock formation on Mars which resembles a humanoid face. It was first imaged by NASA's Viking Orbiter in 1976. Is the Face in the Cydonia Mensae region of Mars really a face of some kind, or is it just a trick of differential erosion or light and shadow?

Although it was Richard Hoagland who has been most vocal about these phenomena, I'm afraid he's lost any credibility he might have had by seeing E.T. artifacts and NASA conspiracies behind every rock and sand dune. There remain serious researchers in the field, however.

The First MGSO "Face" Image. Malin Space Science Systems.

This looks much less like a humanoid face than the lower resolution Viking Images. In particular, the symmetry of the "mouth" and "eye sockets" isn't very good. Although there are two depressions where one would expect eye sockets, the left depression is much larger and apparently shallower than the right. The mouth is poorly defined and shallower than I would have thought from the Viking images. On the 'nostrils' there is some interesting symmetry.

When I place my hand over the right side of the image, all I see is an ordinary hillside, but when I cover the left side of the image, there is something of a face-like appearance. Anyway, that's just subjective perception. Have a look.

Predictions for 5 April 1998 Opportunity. By Mark Carlotto

A 1 April Report from Stanley McDaniel. Following a meeting with JPL officials.

NASA Press Release on NASA's planned 1998 observations of the Cydonia region.

The Martian Enigmas Home Page. This page is authored by Dr. Mark Carlotto, who now seems to be distancing himself from Hoagland. He has done a lot of work on the Face on Mars and other supposed Martian anomalies, but his own views on the phenomena are cautious, though he appears to be optimistic that they will turn out to be artificial. Probably the best place to visit if you're interested in the Mars Face.

Malin Space Science Systems. Mike Malin is the principal investigator for the Mars Global Surveyor camera and a Mars Face skeptic. This is the one of the first places to look for new pictures from MGSO. I keep this page registered with netmind to alert me to any updates. Unlike most in the anti-artifice camp, Malin has been willing to take the time to at least briefly explain his position. Have a look and see if you agree.

The McDaniel Report. An essentially pro-face site, but reasonably well balanced and thoughtful. No conspiracy mongering.

Vincent DiPietro's Page. DiPietro was one of the earliest researchers into the Cydonia land forms.

Tom Van Flandern's Cydonia Page. Van Flandern claims that the face is right on what used to be Mars' equator, and therefore...

The Verified Gullible Loons. A group of hard-working amateur scientists interested in Lunar anomalies. Visit their site and see if you can explain the photographic evidence they present.

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