Paul with both kids

3 September 2004

Last Updated: 21 September 2004

Born in 1958 in Rochester, New York, I grew up in Kingsport, Tennessee and Longview, Texas. After graduating from Longview High School in 1976, I attended Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Physics in 1981.

Starting in 1981, I lived in Los Angeles for five years, working for Hughes Aircraft in El Segundo. In 1986 I moved to Princeton, New Jersey to join RCA Astro Electronics, which subsequently became GE, Martin Marietta, and then Lockheed Martin. I lived in Princeton for nine out of the next ten years, and I loved it there. These were years of personal and professional growth for which I am grateful, but in 1995 Lockheed Martin decided they were going to close the doors of the spacecraft manufacturing facility at which I led a small Mission Design group.

In 1996 my mutt Lucy and I made our way to Columbia, Maryland. I married Myra Gregory in August of 1997 and we separated in 1999. We were divorced 1 November 2000.

In May of 2000 I was awarded a Master's degree in Applied Physics by Johns Hopkins University's Whiting School of Engineering. I now live in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C., and on 26 November 2000 was married to Joyce Abma, so life not only goes on, but for me this time, it got better. In May 2001, Joyce gave birth to our beautiful baby daughter, Erin. We had our second child, Caleb, in May of 2004.

Since I moved to Maryland, I have worked for the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in the Space Department. If you're interested in the specifics of my career, I provide a résumé.

I spend much of my spare time trying to whip this middle aged body into shape, practicing inept Tae Kwon Do. I suffer from a low interest threshold, so rather than list what I'm interested in, I'll just provide a list of the things that bore me. Or, you can check out any of a number of my irregularly updated web pages. (Where are you getting all this spare time?).

There's more info available on My Family. There is also a project, in the very early stages, to summarize Grandpa Carr's The Carr Book on a web page or several.


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