Project Topic Brainstorming

  1. Outlaw genes vs. longevity (ALife)
  2. Strange loops via sexual selection
    • one chromosome on males codes for characteristics females desire
    • femals have chromosome which codes for which characteristics they desire
  3. Neural nets evolving to find food or avoid predators in an environment (an arms race?)
    • I'm not happy with methods which evolve blueprint for NNs. I prefer a 'recipe' method (a 'grammar'?)
    • If you have an MLP, how are you going to outperform backprop?
    • GAs to optimize generalization/accuracy tradeoff?
  4. Adaptive recombination (any clever ideas?) Selfish genes?
  5. Extended phenotypes? How?
  6. Adaptive representations (what are the open questions here?) Sounds interesting - i.e. "messy" algorithms, but what kind of project?
  7. Adaptive mutation and crossover rates.

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